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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Walter Smith & Associates, Inc.

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Walter Smith, PE, DEE has been conducting stack sampling training courses since 1969. Since leaving EPA
in 1972, he has conducted and continues to conduct Source Sampling Workshops every year.

He is considered the "Grandfather of Stack Sampling".

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Expert Witness
Mr. Smith can review stack-testing reports to determine their validity or their survivability in court. He can also provide expert testimony pertaining to air pollution stack testing, stack gas control technology, and air pollution control strategy. He can design testing strategies to solve specific problems.

Stack Sampling Consultant
Walter Smith is an expert at reviewing data, consulting to legal counsel, odor evaluation, expert witnessing, quality assurance assistance of stack sampling programs, and supervising complex stack sampling projects.

General Overview
Walter Smith is an expert in designing and supervising stack sampling projects. He usually finds unique, low cost ways to evaluate and solve your sampling problems. He can be your in-house expert for the short period of time you need an expert. He will help you hire testers, negotiate with the agencies, and insure you get the product you need. Air Pollution Projects Engineer: Mr. Smith's 39 years experience with air pollution problems (11 years with the Federal Government) give credence to solving complex pollution problems.

Nomographs Designer
A byproduct of this experience is the skill of developing nomographs. He makes and sells stack-sampling nomographs of his original design.

Odor Evaluations
Walter Smith is also an odor expert. He usually finds unique, low cost ways to evaluate and solve your odor problems.

Combustion Expert
Walter Smith is also a combustion expert. He developed the F Factor for EPA. He can solve these kinds of combustion problems. Of course, this also leads to development of combustion PEMS.

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Walter Smith & Associates, Inc.

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Walter Smith & Associates, Inc.
6225 Splitrock Trail Apex, NC 27539
Phone: (919) 772-7843     Fax: (919) 325-7381     Cell: (919) 616-6416
walt@waltersmith.com                 Web Address: www.waltersmith.com

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