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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 3 No. 12 - December 2003
"Helpful Services On "

1) Helpful Services On

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Your satisfaction with our free services is the most important outcome of's performance. Facility managers, regulatory folks, equipment suppliers and stack testing consultants have found these free services to be exceptionally helpful:

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2) Source Evaluation Society Safety Manual

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"The Safety Manual has proved to be a very successful and valuable tool for our field. SES plans for the Safety Manual to be an ongoing project, reissuing the Manual as needed with new sections or updates/changes to existing sections. Anyone who has the time to check existing sections to ensure the information is up-to-date and correct, or who has the time to write and submit a new section for the manual, should send those contributions to ..."

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3) Ammonia/NOx/Stack Testing Safety

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Air quality professionals worldwide communicate together on the SET Wire! bulletin board. Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others. Hot topics this month:

  • Sampling For Ammonia
  • Colorimetric NOx Testing
  • RE: Testing Locations (Stack Testing Safety)
    "I put my foot right through the thin fibrous roof sheet..."
    "I hear about dangerous sampling situations on a regular basis and the disturbing thing is..."
    "...if a Company or Source is willing to risk your life, do you want to work for them?"
    "...some sources and some test companies will do anything to cut cost."

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4) Site Sponsorships

Want to give air quality professionals worldwide who regularly visit instant access to your company's services or products 24/7/365? Add your linked logo to the margins of with a Site Sponsorship!

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

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Click Here !   AmTest-Air Quality, LLC. (Washington) "Industrial clients and regulatory agency personnel appreciate the quality and completeness of our source test reports. It is testament to the quality of our work that many of our clients have used us as their sole-source testing firm for up to 20 years."
National & International Mobility!  For Their Printer Friendly Profile Click Here

Click Here !Golden Specialty, Inc. (Texas) "Expert in Low NOx (under 10 ppm) analysis, Low Particulate emissions using Method 5I, EPA Method 320 and 321 using FTIR for speciated compounds, 3-D flow measurements and characterizations of large diameter stacks. Also extensive analysis in high pressure, high moisture, high CO2, and high temperature sources, processes, flares, and vents."
National & International Mobility!  For Their Printer Friendly Profile Click Here

Click Here !AirRECON® (New Jersey, Numerous Offices Nationwide)
"Specializes in compliance testing of stationary sources; protocol development; CEMs and PEMs services; control equipment performance and guarantee testing; VOC capture and destruction testing; trial burn monitoring; and fugitive VOC emission monitoring and leak detection."
National & International Mobility!  For Their Printer Friendly Profile Click Here

Click Here !Avogadro Environmental Corporation (Pennsylvania) See Their Listing Click Here

Air Tox Environmental Company, Inc. (Connecticut) See Their Listing Click Here  
For Their CEMS Click Here

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6) Featured Services & Products

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Click Here !IMACC, Industrial Monitor & Control Corporation - "IMACC is a manufacturer of FTIR multi-gas analyzers for field testing and industrial applications. We provide new, refurbished, and rental system as well as custom configurations. IMACC also provides analytical and field testing support to clients on FTIR-based programs."
Analyzers: Click Here   Ambient Air Monitors: Click Here   Rental Equipment: Click Here

Click Here !Packwill Environmental
Ambient Air Monitors: Click Here

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7) Use The "Tools"

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Need a reference to useful stack testing information? Click the "Tools" link located on the top navigation bar of every page on

Solve job delays on the road, check out links to air permits issued, proposed, or currently under review, find State, Federal and U.S. EPA regulatory agencies, search industrial organizations & associations alphabetically by type of industry and much more.

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8) Job Openings

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Ad Number: 184 Date Posted: 11/26/2003
Description: Assist with source testing projects; Requires a BS/AS in Environmental Science or related field and 1 year of environmental related experience...

Ad Number: 183 Date Posted: 11/26/2003
Description: Manage source testing projects including wet chemistry, instrumental and fugitive emission testing projects; interface with clients and regulatory personnel; prepare calculation...

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9) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 182 Date Posted: 11/20/2003
Description: Tradeshow, Demo, and Loaner Gas Sample Conditioning Equipment...

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10) Next Edition: How To Get Stack Test Prices

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You won't want to miss it! Secure, effective and quick - learn all about's free online RFP submission service for obtaining competitive bids for your next stack test. For a preview Click Here

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