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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 4 No. 1 - January 2004
"Time To Line Up A Stack Test!"

1) Time To Line Up A Stack Test !

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The new year means getting ready for annual stack testing. Use the RFP Service to get competitive bids on ANY combination of industrial process, air pollution control device or air testing requirement. Industrial plants within the U.S. and abroad (Shell, Dupont, Anheuser Busch, Chevron Phillips) have used this U.S. EPA Award Winning Service for their diagnostic and compliance source testing needs. Strategically partnered with Thawte for online security, here's how the RFP Service works:

  • Visit
  • Click "SUBMIT RFP" for the secure online form.
  • Select the type of emission source, test parameter, or control device you have. Specify how and
    when you want to be contacted. Add comments if needed.
  • Receive bids directly from U.S. & Canadian firms & many more companies to choose from such as:
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(See "Featured Stack
Testing Firms" Below)
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CB&I E & I, Inc.
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It's easy to line up a consultant for your specific stack testing requirements with the RFP Service

2) Next Source Sampling & CEMS Workshop

Raleigh, NC

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Course Overview: Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA Reference Methods 1-8, will lead the instruction of this workshop. The object of this 5-day seminar is for the student to understand the basics of the principles and practice of source sampling as well as to familiarize the student with the operation of stack sampling & CEMS equipment. It is targeted at those who need basic understanding of stack sampling such as environmental executives, environmental engineers, and those purchasing, observing, planning, or doing stack sampling or responsible for CEMS. The workshop will use EPA methods 1-5 to teach the basics and then branch out to other topics.

For answers to specific questions about the course material, call Walter Smith at (919) 772-7843 or at CEU credit is available.

For Workshop Dates & Additional Information Click Here
Or Visit
3) New Photo Gallery Submissions

  • Frozen Meter Box Operator, Stack Tester Hidden By The Steam, Using A Crane Lift For Stack Sampling (70's)
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  • On Fire "A photo we affectionately call 'Cherry Pickers Jubilee' and would like to share this with the Source and Sampling community. A graphic depiction of one of many reasons we discourage using these. - TCEQ"
Click To Enlarge posts stack testing photos received from various collections and personal estates at no charge; a unique opportunity for anyone who would like to see their stack testing photos cataloged and archived forever.

To See New Photos Click Here
4) The SET Wire! Bulletin Board

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  • NELAC 12/30/03 - "Anyone know what the latest is on NELAC (or other) accreditation ..."
  • Stack Sampling Volume Problem 12/22/03 - "I need to collect 100 cubic meters of stack gas sample per USEPA SW-846 Method 0010 within 12 hours to achieve extremely low detection limits. Is there any special glassware and supersize pumps out there, so I can ..."
  • RE: Testing Locations (Stack Testing Safety) 11/24/03 - "I have told testers that I have observed if they can't get the issue resolved let me know and I will stop the test ..."

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

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Click Here !   Weston Solutions, Inc. (Pennsylvania) - "WESTON is one of the leading environmental, health, and safety companies in the United States. Our mission is to assist clients in defining and solving health and environmental and safety problems while achieving greater economic efficiency. WESTON has been providing diversified environmental management and engineering services to our clients for over 40 years. WESTON maintains more than 40 offices throughout the world." For WESTON's quick reference profile Click Here
Or Visit:

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6) Featured Services & Products

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Click Here ! Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc.
To See These Listings Click Here

Atmospheric Analysis & Consulting, Inc. is now listed on the Air Sample Analytical Labs Directory Click Here (Ventura, CA)

Click Here ! MSI/Mechanical Systems, Inc.
For CEMS Companies Click Here

For The Services & Products Directory Click Here
7) Job Openings

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Ad Number: 189 Date Posted: 12/10/2003
Description: Project Manager, Test Coordinator, and Technician positions available with a reputable environmental company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Extensive travel will be required and the pay will be commensurate with the level of experience. Full time position with benefits including medical coverage, vacation, paid holidays, and a self-directed 401(k) program.

For Contact Info or to Post an Ad Click Here
8) V.E. Readers Available!

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Ad Number: 190 Date Posted: 12/10/2003
Description: Custom Stack Analysis, LLC. has V.E. readers available to assist you nationwide on your next project. We can assist you if you are a facility in need of V.E. readings or a testing company. Give us a call for a competitive quote.

For Contact Info or to Post an Ad Click Here
9) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 182 Date Posted: 11/20/2003
Description: INVENTORY CLOSE-OUT: SAVE up to 50%! Tradeshow, Demo, and Loaner Gas Sample Conditioning Equipment...

  • Portable Sample Conditioning Systems
  • Thermo-Electric Coolers
  • Heated Filter Probes
  • Ammonia Converters & Scrubbers
  • Flow Control Drawers

Ad Number: 163 Date Posted: 9/17/2003
Description: Used Stack Test Equipment - CEM Analyzers: Thermo/California/Fuji/Western Bovar-Ametek/DynaFid; CAE Flow Panels; Heated Lines; Gas Conditioners; M5 & M17 probes, glassware, thimbles, meter consoles, umbilical etc....

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10) Next Edition: Illustrated Stack Test Methods

Test Methods

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