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Vol. 2 No. 7- July / August 2002
"The New"

1) Editor's Note - "The New"

Hello Readers,

August marks's second year online. To celebrate, has created a new site design that makes it easy for the site visitor to locate what they came here to get - source emissions testing, services and products.

The new incorporates a clean and simple interface. If you're interested in stack testing firms or related services and products, you can quickly choose either of those directories. Tabs at the top of the page will guide you through every section of the site. Options on the right side margins link to categories relevant to the section you're currently on. You can search the entire site by utilizing the keyword window placed on every page. Or, click through the new Site Map Navigator to pinpoint your search even more.

Not only is the user interface simple, has increased interactivity on the site. New, enhanced company listings with descriptions, secure online ordering process, Classified Ads, Illustrations For Sale, Site Sponsorships, Workshops and two RFP Services for stack testing. Specialty listings were added for Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers and Ask The Experts. Even the free services were improved - Press Releases, Guest Author Articles, The Help Station and Air PErmit PEople.

Because listings are purchased, and because neatly categorizes each listing, visitors will find exactly what they were looking for. This is the basis for's continuing growth and popularity since August 2000.

Have a great day.

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2) Find A Firm For Your Next Stack Test


*Geographic Directory (U.S. & Canada)
*Top Stack Testing Firms
*A Thru Z Directory
*Built-In Search Engine
*Two RFP Services

Attention Stack Testing Firms - Get more leads with an enhanced, hot-linked listing.
3) Improved RFP Service

Receive bids directly from qualified stack testing firms. A unique, comprehensive service to fulfill compliance or diagnostic stationary source emissions testing needs. offers two services to submit a request for proposal for your next stack test:

*FREE RFP - No cost to submit RFP. No cost to receive bids.
No third party. Receive bids directly from the firms.
Obtain several competitive bids from a single request.
Only the Top Stack Testing Firms will respond to your RFP.
Choose a firm based on their price quote, capabilities and experience.
Saves time and expense - the Top Stack Testing Firms respond quickly.

*SELECT RFP - Nominal fee to submit RFP. No cost to receive bids.
Same benefits as the free RFP service, but you select which firms are to respond to your RFP.

4) The Help Station

Stack testers and facility project managers can help each other solve job delays with links to dry ice, analytical labs, isokinetic sampling trains or lab supplies for field testing.

5) Site Sponsorships Now Available

See your company's logo & website link on each page of The Directories (navigation/special interest pages not included). A superb opportunity for branding your company to thousands of professionals that regularly visit Three affordable Site Sponsorship packages to choose from. Availability is limited.

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6) Welcome! - AXYS Analytical Services, Ltd.

Visit Us ! AXYS provides laboratory support and analysis for EPA Method 23 stack testing for Dioxin/Furan, Method 1668 PCB Congeners and PAH. We also offer analysis of Dioxins/Furans by Method 1613, T0-9A and 8290; Method 1668 PCBs and PAHs in ambient air. Web Address: e-Mail: Toll Free: (888)373-0881

7) Press Release - Bison Engineering, Inc.

Visit Us ! "Employees of Bison Engineering Buy Company"

HELENA, MT (July 2002) – The 21 men and women of Bison Engineering, Inc. (Bison) recently became employee-owners of their consulting firm specializing in air quality and environmental services.

“The transition to employee owned reflects the values and principles that are important to us,” said newly elected Chairman of the Board Hal Robbins. “At the core of Bison’s employee ownership lies the deeply-held value of ‘stakeholder voice.’ This means that our employees have direct input into the business strategies that affect their work lives and our future as a firm.”

Besides the benefits to employees, Bison’s clients benefit as well. “Our clients literally deal with an owner whenever they call or work with us,” said Bison Treasurer Bob Drake. “Our exceptional customer service will be even better.”

For the entire story visit:
To submit a FREE press release visit:
8) Business Opportunity

** Sun Jun 23 13:20:02 2002 Small company in N. California is looking for an experienced stack tester. Company incentives are designed towards benefiting a dedicated self-motivated employee. Annual bonus is in addition to the annual salary. Purchasing shares in the company is an option. Ninety percent of the work is local with an occasional job requiring out of area travel. The position entails taking a project from start to finish (test plan to final report). Contact: Dan Cartner Phone: (510)785-2030

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9) Job Openings

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** AmTest - Air Quality, LLC Submitted: Fri Jun 21 02:49:37 2002
Reply to: Web Address: Phone: (425)222-7746 Fax: (425)222-7849
Job Opening Description: Senior level stack tester with extensive CEM experience. Please send confidential resume to Kris Hansen

** Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Submitted: Fri Jun 14 11:31:08 2002
Web Address:
Job Opening Description: The State of Minnesota is now accepting resumes for (2) Performance Testing/CEMS Program Coordinator positions, one Senior and one Intermediate level. Resumes may be sent immediately to Attn: Darryl Weakley, Supervisor, MPCA, 520 lafayette Rd., St. Paul, Mn. 55105

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10) Site Statistics

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