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Vol. 2 No. 6- June 2002    " Guest Author, Walter Smith, PE, DEE"

1) Editor's Note - Guest Author

Hello Readers,

This month's Guest Author, Walter S. Smith, PE, DEE, co-authored EPA Reference Methods 1-8 and developed the "F Factor" for the EPA. Since leaving EPA in 1972, he continues to conduct Source Sampling Workshops every year. He is an expert at reviewing data, consulting to legal counsel, odor evaluation, expert witnessing, quality assurance assistance of stack sampling programs, and supervising complex stack sampling projects. Walt is considered the "Grandfather of Stack Sampling".

Have a great day.

2) Guest Author, Walter S. Smith, PE, DEE

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“Stack Tester’s Fingerprint”

The last thing a buyer wants is to fail because of the tester. The stack test should be void of the tester's fingerprints. Having overseen stack testing for more than 10 years, I have found the following disturbing facts:

*The lack of understanding of what the stack tester does, leaves the buyer listening to the fastest talker. Without knowledge, the buyer can only ask the tester if this is the best (right) way and if it was a job well done.

*The financial squeeze on the stack sampling community has produced a lowering in quality of the average test. The buyers’ concept is to “hire local” to save on cost and lower response time. This limits the playing field and quality.

*The increase in the volume of stack tests has also reduced the quality of the stack tests. This is because the State reviewers are overloaded and cannot help in quality control. Also, the stack testing new hires are promoted more rapidly.

*Quality is not just determined by the price or the company hired, but by the people on site. The most critical person in a stack test is the on site test manager. The company will provide organization, available equipment, and report organization, but it is the people on site that collect the data. Garbage in is garbage out. It is better to get an ugly report then ugly data.

The buyer's concerns as to quality usually start after discovering the test has failed. Concern should have started with writing the protocol. Once a tester is on site, the majority of the cost of the job has been expended. This is the time to make sure the tester does the job they were hired to do. Reviewing the report only is an attempt to disqualify it.

For information about Walt's next workshop or consulting services:, or call him directly at (919)772-7843 welcomes your comments and suggestions. To submit your article covering any aspect of the source emissions testing industry Click Here

3) Isokinetic Sampling Trains

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Easily find the equipment you need for isokinetic source emissions testing on the "Stack Sampling Trains & Apparatus" page in the Services & Products Directory. A great reference source when you're on the road too.
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4) GLOBAL! Coming Soon

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Since first publishing to the Internet, companies from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Korea and the Philippines have asked us to create a directory of source emissions testing for their region of the world. Many thanks to all of you for sending in your ideas. Work is almost completed on the new international section - GLOBAL!

The new GLOBAL! is quick to navigate and provides a large amount of information at your finger tips. You'll find links to regulatory agencies outside the U.S., language translation tools, currency converters, source testing equipment, analytical labs and more. Direct links to the United States and Canadian firms that provide stack testing services abroad are included on every page.

For a sneak preview Click Here

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5) Method 29 Online

Looking for information about multi-metals emissions testing? You'll find links to analytical labs, a Method 29 expert, firms that offer Method 29 source testing services, U.S. EPA text versions, and where to buy or rent isokinetic sampling trains and equipment. Includes helpful diagrams on collecting and charging a Method 29 sampling train. Click Here

6) Featured Stack Testing Firm

Now listed on the #1 Top Stack Testing Firms - CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure Inc.

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"CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure Inc., a member of the CB&I Group, provides comprehensive air measurement services to commercial and government clients nationwide. Our leadership in source, ambient, fugitive, hazardous, and criteria pollutant measurement is a result of 30 years of experience in air emissions measurement and program management, including participation in the development of air sampling methods and quality assurance procedures for the U.S. EPA. Offices located in Ohio, Tennessee and Texas."

11499 Chester Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Phone:(513)782-4700 Fax:(513)782-4807

For a free, printer friendly fact sheet about CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure Inc. Click Here

7) Welcome! - Avogadro Environmental Corporation

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In addition to stationary source testing, Avogadro Environmental Corporation offers CEM auditing and industrial hygiene services. Monitoring and testing services include:

-Control equipment optimization/efficiency evaluations
-Emission inventories
-Diagnostic testing
-Emission compliance testing
-Emission testing for permit information
-VOC capture and destruction efficiency evaluations
-Empirical developed response factor
-Fugitive emissions
-Air toxic measurements
-Trial burns
-Odor sampling and measurement

You'll find Avogadro Environmental Corporation listed in the Stack Testing Firm Directory on the Pennsylvania page: Click Here

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8) Used Equipment For Sale/Wanted

Used Equipment For Sale: Wed May 22 10:21:05 2002
-We have a working and in good condition TECO Model 40 SO2 analyzer for sale or trade for the equipment listed below. Asking about $2000 for it.
-TECO 41C 0-4000 ppm CO2 analyzer for a dilution system
-TECO 43 SO2 configured for a dilution system (0-200 ppm range approx)
-Heated Sample Lines 50',100',150' lengths
-MAC6-2 Sample Conditioners.

Used Equipment Wanted to Buy: Thu May 23 17:06:13 2002
-Used Thermal Oxidizer REECO Systems, MEGTEC Systems, or Adwest Systems
-Glass sampling nozzles 0.3 inches to 1.0 inches. Willing to buy one at a time or bundled lots.

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9) Job Openings for Stack Testers

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Fri May 24 11:27:13 2002: Experienced Testers Needed. Project Manager,(2) Project leaders. 3+ yrs CEM & Wet. Join the Original Source Testing Company.

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10,506 Visitor Sessions!

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