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Stack Test Reports via E-Mail

"The Central Florida FDEP Establishes a STREM Committee"

In June 2001, a committee for improving electronic stack test reports was established. The committee consists of 4 power plant representatives, and 4 Florida Department of Environmental Protection people. The name of the committee is STREM, stack test reports via e-mail.

It all began with this message from Garry Kuberski, FDEP:
May 24, 2001

Over the next few weeks the Central District Office will be initiating a pilot project for the electronic submittal of stack test reports. This is a pilot project in the Central District only. I believe the electronic stack test report would have advantages to both the DEP and the permit holder. The advantages would be reduced cost of preparing, mailing, and filing reports.

After May 1, 2001 you will have the option of electronically submitting the stack test report to the Central District office. If you do not choose the electronic option, the stack test reports can be submitted in the usual manner. Do not electronically submit stack test reports to other DEP offices.

Recently, the DEP Central District Office began using an electronic signature on various documents for e-mail. This same technique could be used to satisfy the certification requirement for stack test reports. A test report without the certification would be considered incomplete. If it is not possible to use an electronic signature, a hard copy of the certification page could be mailed.

If you would like to try an electronic submittal of a stack test report, let me know and I will coordinate the effort and try to find answers for questions that may come up. Also, I would like to have your comments about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic submittal of stack test reports.

Followed by this e-Mail message:
Beginning May 1, 2001 the Central District Office will begin a pilot project for electronically submitted stack test reports from power plants located in the Central District. This is a pilot project in the Central District only. Do not electronically submit stack test reports to other DEP offices.

Questions and answers about this project are listed below:

1. What e-mail address should the stack test reports be sent to?

Send them to:

2. How do we submit an electronic report certification?

For a Title V permit, the stack test report certification must be signed by the RO (Responsible Official) An electronic signature will be accepted. This would require the software and hardware necessary to place an electronic signature on a document. Also, a scanned copy of the report certification will be accepted.

3. Are you accepting electronic submittal of all stack test reports?

No. We are presently limiting the electronic submittal to power plant stack tests in the Central District. We may accept others in the future. Once this pilot project is refined, we expect to make this method of reporting more inclusive.

4. Will electronic submittal require standardized forms?

At present there are no standard stack test forms. It is anticipated that a standard form will result from this project. The stack test report can be in any format you choose. The stack test report should not be different just because it is sent electronically.

5. If we choose the electronic option will a hard copy of the report also
be required ?

No, a hard copy will not be required. You may, at first, want to keep a hard copy as a backup. One of our objectives is to file the reports electronically.

6. Will we get a feedback report that you have received our submittal ?

Yes, we will send an e-mail back saying that the report was received. Garry Kuberski can document receipt of the report.

7. Can you accept Microsoft Word and Excel documents?

Yes, most Department computers are equipped with Word and Excel.

8. How do we submit field data sheets, laboratory data and post test
calibration data?

Manually completed forms or strip charts can be scanned and included in the electronic report. As long as they are legible, we will accept electronic copies. If they are not legible, they must be mailed.

9. Is there a size limit to e-mail attachments?

I am not aware of any size limitation - however, some particular files, i.e. self-extracting or files that end with .exe, .com, .bat, etc., as well as files with imbedded macros will NOT come through.

10. Is there an electronic VE form available from the Department?

An electronic VE form is being developed. However, we want to fully develop
the application before we distribute it to anyone outside our offices.

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