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.Windrock, Inc.
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Main Office Location:

1832 Midpark Rd, Suite 102 Knoxville TN 37921

Mailing Address:
(Same As Above)

Phone: 865-330-1107

Fax: 865-330-1101

Web Address:

Contact: Jeff Roberts

Contact's e-Mail:

Testing Staff Size: 2

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U.S. EPA Test Methodologies: 3A, 7E, 10, 18, 19, 20, 25A, 320

Gaseous Monitoring:
O2, CO2, CO, HCHO, NOX, SO2, and VOC.

Mobile Labs: 2

Geographic Testing Area: National Bids

Ambient Air Monitoring: No

Industries Served: Natural Gas Transmission


Windrock offers a full range of exhaust emissions-related services. These services are tailored specifically to the natural gas transmission industry and its unique requirements for testing 2-stroke and 4-stroke spark-ignited engines and gas turbine drives.

Windrock personnel providing these services are among the most experienced in the natural gas transmission industry and are knowledgeable in both emissions and mechanical/performance testing. Their unique knowledge and experience in the gas industry allows Windrock to offer a valuable service to the operators of gas engines and turbines.

Our personnel are not only experienced in testing the equipment but understand how engines and turbines are operated and maintained. They also have a unique understanding of the combustion process of natural gas-fired engines/turbines and how the effects of that process impact emissions so you can be sure that the test results are accurate; and, if a unit is not in compliance, they can offer assistance to bring it into compliance.


Windrock's customized emissions test trailer is equipped with the latest instrumentation. These include an FTIR analyzer, dual exhaust sample lines for catalyst testing, and a self-contained performance monitoring system to provide continuous power and compressor cylinder pressure monitoring without the need for local support to obtain operational data such as load.

The test trailer is compact (less than 16 feet), light weight, and can be easily maneuvered into very tight spaces. Its power requirements are also minimal, requiring only two 110 VAC, 15 amp circuits to operate. The instrumentation allows Windrock to perform the following EPA Method tests, 3A, 7E, 10, 18, 19, 20, 25A, and 320.



  • EPA Title V Compliance Testing - Windrock Service provides all of the equipment and personnel necessary to perform a full Title V test including developing an emissions test protocol based on the operator's source permit, conducting the required tests, and issuing a full test report in accepted EPA book form or electronic format. EPA Methods that Windrock are capable of performing are 3A, 7E, 10, 18, 19, 20, 25A, and 320.

  • Pre-Assessment Health Testing, Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Services - Windrock provides this service to any operator who wants to know if their equipment is running properly with regard to performance, mechanical condition and/or emissions. Our experienced staff can test your engines, evaluate the data and offer detailed recommendations to resolve any deficiencies in performance, mechanical condition and/or emissions prior to your scheduled emissions tests.

  • Consulting Services - Windrock test engineers can provide a wide range of consulting service to assist the operator with engines not operating in compliance with permits. Such services range from determining the root cause why a unit is not operating in compliance to recommending or designing specific remedial solutions to the problem.

  • Periodic Testing - Windrock can conduct the annual periodic tests required to assure a unit is operating in compliance with its permit. Such tests typically involve a 30-minute run to measure NOx, CO and occasionally VOCs. Windrock can provide either a trailer or portable analyzer for testing depending on the specific requirements.

  • Mapping and Development of Control Coefficients - Windrock provides services to map engine performance and develop air/fuel ratio control coefficients designed for emissions compliance under normal operating conditions. This service is based on the use of a test matrix that employs an air equivalence ratio model for mapping and predicting emissions. Once the model is developed, the coefficients are created for use in the unit's automation control scheme. NOTE: This service is only available for slow speed integral units.

  • RATA Testing - RATA tests to verify that CEM (continuous emissions monitoring) systems are operating properly.

  • Catalyst Testing - Catalyst tests to check the efficiency of the catalyst for CO and NOx or HCHO.

  • Ammonia Slippage Test - Ammonia slippage test to tune the ammonia injection rate and test for ammonia slippage past the NOx catalyst.

  • CEM Systems - Windrock services can offer complete CEM packages from engineering, design, manufacture and installation through Control Analytic, Inc.

  • Horsepower and Mechanical Condition Testing - Windrock offers test equipment and services for horsepower testing/verification and mechanical condition analysis on slow or high-speed engine/compressor sets
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Windrock, Inc.
1832 Midpark Rd, Suite 102 Knoxville TN 37921
Phone: 512-413-2725     Fax: 512-906-0677

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