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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 5 No.s 9 & 10 - September/October 2005    
" EPA Hurricane Response "

1) EPA Hurricane Response

Follow this topic at the EPA website: "Evaluating air quality is one of EPA’s top priorities during the recovery of the Gulf Coast region. Damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and cleanup/restoration activities may cause releases of air toxics and other air pollutants in the damaged areas. Such emissions could potentially affect downwind areas. Sources of this air pollution include: spills of volatile chemicals; start-up releases or leaks from industrial plants; dust from building demolition and debris transport; contaminated sediments that can be resuspended as dust, and smoke from open burning of debris."

Visit: www.epa.gov/katrina/testresults/air
2) Air PErmit PEople

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ActiveSET.org supports a state-by-state Directory of registered PE's that can sign air permit applications for out-of-state PE's. If you encounter this regularly and have to hunt down a PE in another state that can sign for your projects visit the Air PErmit PEople section on ActiveSET.org.

Some states require licensed Professional Engineers to maintain an "ACTIVE" status with their Registration Board in order to offer or provide any type of engineering services. Check with your state's Registration Board for a P.E.'s "ACTIVE" status or if it is mandatory a P.E. (not an "engineering consultant") is to provide air permitting services in your state.

If you are a registered P.E. that prepares/files/signs/revises industrial air permits, you can place a free listing (logo included) on the Air PErmit PEople section Click Here

Visit: www.activeset.org/permitpeople
3) Where To Ask Questions

Do you need a specialist to answer your questions about air pollution testing, analysis or equipment? Use the "Ask The Experts" one-on-one forum and find the newest "Ask The Experts" listing

Visit: www.activeset.org/asktheexperts/askexperts1.htm
4) How To Add A New Section

Since August 2000, stack testers, regulatory folks, and site visitors have sent numerous suggestions for enhancing ActiveSET.org. Most ideas have been incorporated into new sections on the site. We greatly appreciate those who have contributed so much to help make ActiveSET.org the Internet's largest, free reference site for source emissions testing, services and products. All ideas are welcomed.

Visit: www.activeset.org/forms/ideas.htm
5) SET Wire! Hot Topics

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Air quality professionals worldwide communicate together on the free SET Wire! Bulletin Board. Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others:

Re: Method 25A - "The oily mist is a hydrocarbon. Are you going to measure only the volatile hydrocarbons? If so you could use a ..." Click Here

Re: Method 25A - "Keep the filter at 250 deg F and sample line over 300 deg F. Your FID should be over ..."
Click Here

Re: HIGH DUST CONTENT DUCT - "I have used a cyclone knockout before the filter to collect some of the larger particulate with great success in the past. It can also make recoveries easier if you attach the ..." Click Here

LOOKING FOR NOX ANALYZER - "We are looking for a used or refurbished NOX ANALYZER in good condition, we are planning ..." Click Here

Re: LOOKING FOR NOX ANALYZER - "We do not have any refurbished units in stock but we do have a couple of demo units that are in excellent condition and are relatively brand new that we could ..." Click Here

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6) Featured Stack Testing Firms

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Directory Profile:

Click Here ! CETCON, Inc. (Oklahoma) National Mobility - "With a unique array of EPA stack testing services and combustion consulting expertise, CETCON (Combustion and Environmental Testing CONsultants) is committed to uncompromising emission measurement quality. Due to stringent federal regulations, today's operators of combustion-fired equipment demand highly accurate emissions monitoring and combustion consulting. CETCON is a company solely dedicated to this high-tech field. Utilizing specially designed mobile testing laboratories for stack testing, CETCON services can be provided directly to your plant site and requires minimal response and set-up time. All equipment and procedures are in accordance with U.S. EPA Reference Methods. CETCON also provides field maintenance service and training for field equipment."

Industries Served: All Industries Including - Asphalt, Soil Remediation, Cement, Manufacturers (Glass, Steel, Plastics, Chemicals, etc.), Food & Beverage, Pulp/Paper, Power Generation, Medical/Municipal Waste Incinerators, Petroleum/Fuel, Printing/Packaging, Sugar Mills.

For more information or to line up a stack test Click Here

Premium Listing:

Click Here ! AeroMet Engineering, Inc. (Missouri) - "Established reputation for providing quality, cost-effective environmental testing services. Our experienced staff understands environmental testing services are imperative to maintain regulatory compliance and production performance." See their listing on the ActiveSET.org Stack Testing Firm Directory Click Here

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7) Featured Services & Products

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Analytical Labs / Air Sample Analyses

Click Here ! Enviro-Test Laboratories (ETL) - "A Canadian company incorporated in 1982 with laboratories across Canada. We are dedicated to providing accurate and precise analytical data combined with communication and understanding with the client." See their listing on the ActiveSET.org Services & Products Directory Click Here

Air Pollution Control Systems

Click Here ! BoldEco Environment - "Designs and manufactures air pollution control products and systems for industry. Industries served include incineration, steel, metallurgical, cement, lime and power utilities, recovery boilers, textile manufacturing, pulp and paper, aggregates mining and other basic industries." See their listing on the ActiveSET.org Services & Products Directory Click Here

Smoke Schools

Click Here ! AeroMet Engineering, Inc. - "Offers an established Method 9 Certification program that alleviates the problems of conventional Smoke Schools. Our Method 9 lecture and field training are offered on the same day and we conduct as many runs as it takes for everyone to pass. Our strategic schedule covers a large area in the Midwest, ensuring your employees lose little time traveling to the training location. Optional on-site training keeps productivity losses and downtime to a minimum. Because of efficiency, we offer Method 9 Certification at the lowest cost in the industry." See their listing on the ActiveSET.org Services & Products Directory Click Here

Gas Analyzers

Click Here ! MKS Instruments, Inc. - "A manufacturer of FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) on-line gas analyzers used to detect multiple gas species in a variety of applications, such as catalytic reduction performance monitoring, combustion emissions monitoring, bulk gas purity monitoring and process monitoring." See their listing on the ActiveSET.org Services & Products Directory Click Here

Visit The Services & Products Directory Click Here
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8) Classified Ads

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Job Openings

INTEX Environmental Group, Inc.
POSITION OFFERED: Stack Test Technician
Ad Number: 442 Date Posted: 08/15/2005
Description: INTEX Environmental Group, Inc. is seeking a field technician for its stack testing division. Field/shop/lab work, some overnight travel, overtime, benefits & 401K plan. Experience preferred but will train the right person.

Air Consulting & Engineering, Inc.
POSITION OFFERED: Source Emission Testers Wanted
Ad Number: 452 Date Posted: 09/15/2005
Description: We are looking for two "good men (or women)". The first position is for a field team leader experienced with all phases of air source environmental testing. Must be well versed in extractive monitoring methods and willing and able to obtain QSTI certification for Groups I-III at a minimum. Our second position is for an enthusiastic, willing technician with at least a rudimentary familiarization with source testing. Both these positions will be offered at a salary rate commensurate with experience and EAGERNESS.

Used Equipment For Sale

MACTEC Federal Programs, Inc.
FOR SALE: Ford E350 Parcel Van
Ad Number: 460 Date Posted: 09/20/2005
Description: 1991 Ford E350, 15 foot box with dual rear doors, 117,000 miles, 460 V8 gas, Automatic Transmission (leaks fluid), Just inspected, New paint on cab, Asking $2,250, Sold in "As-is" condition.

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9) Support Center "Quick Tip"

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Q: Where can I get the online version of the "SET News!" newsletter with enhanced graphics and instant links?

A: To access the current edition or to browse the archives of every back issue of the ActiveSET.org "SET News!" newsletter Click Here

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10) Next Edition:

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EPA Method 5 - You won't want to miss it! Training, workshops, EPA links, sample recovery guide and more. Learn all about ActiveSET.org's resources for EPA Method 5. For a preview visit: www.activeset.org/methods/5.htm

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