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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 5 No. 6 - June 2005   
"Resources On"

1) Resources On

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The "Resources" section on provides services, products and reference tools to the vanguards of the source emissions testing industry: stack testing consultants, facility owners/managers, and regulatory personnel. Users can easily research or find EPA test methods, stack testing firms, regulatory agencies, and source testing equipment by category, geographically, or by using the site's own built-in search engine. Easy access to specialty departments such as Ask the Experts, Training & Workshops, and the free RFP Service on are all here too.

2) Stack Sampling & CEMS Workshop

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Raleigh, NC - Walter Smith & Associates, Inc.

Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA Reference Methods 1-8, will conduct the instruction of this workshop. The object of this 5-day seminar is for the student to understand the basics of the principals and practice of source sampling as well as to familiarize the student with the operation of stack sampling & CEMS equipment. It is targeted at those who need basic understanding of stack sampling such as environmental executives, environmental engineers, and those purchasing, observing, planning, or doing stack sampling or responsible for CEMS. The workshop will use EPA Methods 1-5 to teach the basics and then branch out to other topics.

There is a large amount of interest in this workshop so please register early as space is limited. For answers to specific questions about the course material, call Walter Smith at 919-772-7843 or at CEU credit is available for this workshop.

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3) Thanks For The Link

Many regulatory agencies, professional affiliations and equipment manufacturers have placed a link to on their websites. The continued support of these outstanding organizations serve the public instant access to the companies listed on the Stack Testing Firm Directory and the Services & Products Directory. Thank you for linking to us!

U.S. EPA - National Environmental Performance Track

U.S. EPA - Region III Air Protection Division

U.S. EPA - 2002 Clean Air Excellence Awards Recipients

South Dakota Department Of Environment & Natural Resources

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Kono Kogs, Inc. - Used Catalytic, Thermal, and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

The Society For Protective Coatings - Buyers Guides & Business Directories

The California Energy Commission

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Adwest Technologies, Inc. - RETOX® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Southwest Clean Air Agency - Washington

ROC Environmental Protection Agency - Taiwan

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GEsource - Geography & Environment Gateway For United Kingdom

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Who uses You're in good company!'s worldwide audience is comprised of visitors from fortune 500 companies, U.S. & Int'l manufacturers, utilities, universities, stack testing firms and regulatory agencies. Since the site's launch on the Internet in August 2000 has received more than 9.4 million hits - wildly exceeding our projections.

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5) National Website Awards

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If your company has a great website for stack testing services, air sample analyses, or stack testing equipment you should apply for a National Website Award! Winners receive the National Website Award Image (Gold, Silver or Bronze) to place on their site, acknowledgement in one issue of "SET News!" and a free link on our award winners page.

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6) Featured Stack Testing Firms

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Visit Us ! GE Energy (Illinois, Alabama, California, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Scotland, France) National & International Mobility/CARB Certified - "GE Energy's emissions monitoring and testing solutions ensure accurate data by integrating seasoned, well-trained service providers with innovative, industry leading technology. Put our extensive service and technology experience to work for you in building a customized solution that meets your industry's compliance and financial requirements. Our team of project managers, engineers, scientists and field technicians applies decades of experience, ISO9001 accredited quality system, and the rigors of GE's Six Sigma quality process to the full range of emissions monitoring and testing required by federal, state/provincial and local regulations. Our team of experts includes the former businesses Mostardi Platt Associates and KVB-Enertec.

GE Energy is the recognized leader in providing emissions monitoring and testing services to the utility industry. Our experience includes measurement of single digit CO and NOx emissions from gas-fired turbines, speciated mercury analysis at coal-fired steam generators, and the performance of hundreds of Part 60 and 75 RATAs including EDR reporting capability. Our advanced mobile labs now feature extractive FTIR technology that offers the capability to measure formaldehyde and other trace gases at ppb levels real time."
Directory Profile:

* Guenther/Shackleford Associates (Indiana)
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7) Featured Services & Products

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Click Here ! Chester LabNet - "Specializes in Inorganic Air Quality Analysis of ambient air and source emissions, including analysis of PM10 and PM2.5 samples. Our goal is to provide the most informed and accurate inorganic analysis of air quality samples available from a commercial laboratory."
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Click Here ! Pace Analytical Services, Inc. - "Offers a broad range of laboratory support for stack testers including: EPA Method 23 & 0023A Dioxin/Furan, EPA Method 1668 PCB Congeners, EPA Method 29 Metals, and many other stationary source parameters. Pace can provide these analytical services in water and soil as well."
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Click Here ! Baldwin, Inc. - "Is the leading manufacturer and service provider of gas sample handling solutions for industrial emissions monitoring and process gas analysis applications.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA, Baldwin is a trusted supplier to numerous industries in which gas monitoring is critical, including power generation, refining, chemical & petrochemical, and steel. Our products are used worldwide to enable companies to meet their objectives of improving plant efficiency, increasing product quality, and complying with environmental regulations and are sold using a global network of sales representatives and distributors. Current customers include ChevronTexaco, Duke Energy, Shell, ConocoPhillips, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Texas Utilities, and General Electric.

We are recognized as a leader in the gas monitoring industry, with product lines that include Heated Filter Probes, Sample Conditioning Systems, Flow Control Drawers, and Mercury Monitoring Equipment. Much of our research and development work is published in industry journals including Air Pollution Monitoring & Sampling, Canadian Environmental Protection, and International Environmental Technology, and presented at technical seminars and symposiums worldwide."
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8) Classified Ads

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Job Openings

Ad Number: 406 Date Posted: 05/13/2005
POSITION OFFERED: Managers/Supervisors/Techs - Golden Specialty Consulting is a regionally operated and maintained company in Texas. This relates to source testing being done in our back yard, everyday, and spending time with our families in the evenings. Golden is known for high end quality and excellent equipment by clients and competitors. Continued advancement in technology, zero incident rate, great benefits401K and profit sharing, family atmosphere are only a few reasons to consider GOLDEN.

Ad Number: 409 Date Posted: 05/23/2005
AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY: Contract Stack Tester - Field and office work. Field experience testing with CEMS, PM & wet chemistry. Review field data, write protocols and reports. Additional information available upon request.

Ad Number: 412 Date Posted: 06/06/2005
POSITION OFFERED: Ambient Network Project Manager - Position in Philippines open immediately; must have experience with technical aspects of running ambient stations; must be familiar with EPA ambient regulations and ideally have experience interfacing with regulators. Responsibilities include analyzer maintenance and repair, QA audits, attend meetings with clients to explain technical aspects of the project.

Ad Number: 413 Date Posted: 06/09/2005
POSITION OFFERED: Job opportunity in Arizona - Applied Environmental Consultants, Inc. (AEC), an equal opportunity employer that participates in a drug-free testing program and complies with all safety requirements is seeking experienced technicians and project managers. AEC provides professional air quality consulting and testing services to both industry and government sectors. The position is full time with benefits including vacation, paid holidays, and a self-directed 401(k) program. The compensation will be based on the prospective candidate’s qualifications and level of experience.

Used Equipment For Sale

Ad Number: 404 Date Posted: 05/05/2005
- Thermo Environmental 42 Special Ranges (0.5ppm up to 100ppmNOx)
- TECO43H SO2(ranges up to 20ppm)
- API/Teledyne Model-252 NOx Analyzer 25ppm, 50, 250ppm
- Rosemount 400A THC, range multipliers: 1, 2.5, 10, 25, 100, 250, 1000
- Teledyne Oxygen Analyzer 326RA, 5%, 10%, 25%
- Gowmac THC Analyzer (Range Multipliers 100, 1000, 10000)
- Horiba PIR 2000 CO2 analyzer (with digital readout %CO2) (Ranges 5, 10, 25%)
- Horiba PIR2000 CO2, Ranges 0.05%, 0.15%, 0.25%
- Servomex, portable O2 analyzer, digital read out, 0-100%, linear all the way from 0%-100%
- California Analytical Instruments Model 100 CO analyzer (1000ppm)

Ad Number: 407 Date Posted: 05/16/2005
Description: Lots of emissions test equipment, laboratory, some water test, and misc. Mostly older but well maintained. Method 5 trains (RAC), VOST, Cr6, mini.CEMS trailer (Ekto Shelter/Miahak instruments, Teco 10) Ratfish Meth./non-meth. Multi-function Horiba water quality meter, Gastech multimeter, 3 liter/rev. wet test meter, Byron 310 perm. tube unit, pH meter/titrators, 4' hood, lab. oven, pumps, gas meters, regulators, parts. Buy one piece, whole lot, or keep office and shop in place (will assist).

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9) Support Center "Quick Tip"

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Q: Our new power plant has never been tested so we will be selecting a stack testing firm soon. Can I compare several stack testing firms' capabilities all at once?

A: YES. You can easily compare stack testing firm Directory Profiles by visiting the profiles page. Tip: Make your own printouts of Directory Profiles for your use offline.

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10) Next Edition: Free Services On

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You won't want to miss it! Tips, guides, links and more. Learn all about's free services for promoting your air pollution testing, equipment or services business online. For a preview visit

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