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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 4 No.s 11 &12 - November / December 2004    
"SET News!"

1) Stack Testing Quick Guide

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Wondering where you can find a reputable stack testing firm for your air permitted source? Needing a dependable lab for air sample analyses? Looking for calibration gases, stack testing equipment or gas analyzers? The new "Quick Reference Guide" brings source emissions testing, services and products right to your desktop. Our free guide has descriptions and web links for every section, department, directory and service offers. There are hundreds of companies listed on, so there’s sure to be something for you.

U.S. Federal, State and Local Regulatory Agencies can request free reprints for distribution to the public. Manufacturing organizations and professional affiliations are invited to circulate free reprints to members. To place a direct link to the guide on your website or intranet, cut and paste the simple code into your web page. Either way, the "Quick Reference Guide" is an invaluable resource for emission source owners, managers and consultants.

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2) U.S. EPA Performance Track

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"Performance Track is a public/private partnership recognizing top environmental performance among participating U.S. facilities of all types, sizes, and complexity, public and private. Currently, the program has about 300 members and welcomes all qualifying facilities."

You'll also find links to:

EPA's Technology Transfer Network Clearinghouse for Inventories & Emission Factors - Contains links to multiple software tools that help facilities estimate their air pollution emissions. Click Here

The Emissions Measurement Center - Provides information on methods for monitoring and testing emissions of air pollution. Click Here

The Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing - Provides a national directory of firms that offer stack testing services. Click Here

EPA's Technology Transfer Network - Provides links to a wide variety of EPA sites devoted to sharing air pollution information. Click Here
3) Source Sampling & CEMS Workshop - Raleigh, NC

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Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA Reference Methods 1-8, will conduct the instruction of this workshop. The object of this 5-day seminar is for the student to understand the basics of the principles and practices of source sampling as well as to familiarize the student with the operation of stack sampling and CEMS equipment.

CEU credit is available for this course. Each student will receive a workshop manual (~300 pages), a methods notebook (~300 pages), and a calculator. There is a large amount of interest in this workshop so register early, space is limited.

Contact: Walter Smith, Ph: (919)772-7843 or
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4) Free Services On

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RFP Service - Request prices for stack testing services.
Press Release - Announce your company's growth, success or new product.
Illustrated Test Method - Download a free demo for electronic reports.
Guest Author Service - Submit an article to this newsletter.
Air PErmit PEople - P.E.'s that prepare/revise air permits get a free listing.
Photo Service - Add your stack testing photos to the gallery.

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

Click Here !MACTEC (NC/OH)  National & International Mobility
"MACTEC's air quality, permitting, and process engineers have been providing comprehensive stack testing services to industrial and government clients for over 30 yrs. We have provided stack testing and related services to the U.S. EPA Emission Measurement Center for over a decade, and our Quality Assurance Project Plan is posted on their web site as an example to be followed by others."

Click Here !Gammie Air Monitoring, LLC. "GamAir" (CT)   National Mobility
"The mainstay of GamAir is our experience in the extractive EPA test methods (i.e. multiple metals, dioxins/furans, speciated organics, and condensible matter)."

Click Here !E. Roberts Alley Associates, Inc. (TN-3,AL-2,MS)   National Mobility
"ERA&A is a complete provider of environmental engineering and field services. By providing services that are accurate, timely and cost effective, we develop long-standing relationships which enhance the growth and performance of both our clients and ERA&A."

Click Here !AmTest-Air Quality, LLC. (WA)   National & International Mobility
"AmTest has performed virtually every EPA source test method at most source categories, large & small. Our teams of 1-15 highly qualified & experienced engineers, chemists & scientists deliver quality services unsurpassed by other firms." National Gold Award Website

Click Here !Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (NY)   National & International Mobility - "Our experience both academic and applied, has been of value to our customers emissions measurement programs, where evaluating costly air pollution control devices or operating parameters can effect millions of dollars."

Visit Us !Golden Specialty, Inc. (TX)   National & International Mobility
"Provides three primary goals of services: 1) Superior Customer Care 2) Accuracy Of The Data and 3) Report Accuracy & Timeliness. Most reports are delivered within 7-business days following the test, receipt of process data, and offsite analytical completion and QA." National Gold Award Website

Almega Environmental, Inc. -

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6) Featured Air Sample Analytical Lab

Click Here ! ENO River Labs, LLC. "Formerly Triangle Laboratories, continues to provide support for Method 23 testing for dioxins and furans. We specialize in performing high-end environmental analysis using GCMS, HRGC-HRMS or LC-MS/MS instrumentation. Stringent quality control measures ensure a quality product is delivered to our customers."

For More Air Sample Analytical Labs Click Here
7) Job Openings

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Ad Number: 312 Date Posted: 10/27/2004
Description: We have several positions available for field technicians and team leaders. We require a college degree, mechanical aptitude, willingness to travel, and the ability to work outdoors in the rain. Come join our team and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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8) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 331 Date Posted: 11/24/2004
- TECO 42 NOx analyzer 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100ppm, $4000.00
- API/Teledyne Model 252 NOx analyzer 25, 50, 250 ppm
without NOx converter: $3400.00
with NOx Converter: $4200.00
- TECO 48 CO 9 ranges up to 1000 ppm: $3400.00
- Rosemount 400A THC, 7 range multipliers: 1, 2.5, 10, 25, 100, 250, 1000: 2500.00
- Teledyne Oxygen Analyzer 326RA (5, 10, 25%) $700.00
- Horiba PIR2000 CO2 analyzer with digital readout 5%, 10%, 25%: $2000.00
- Servomex, O2 analyzer Model 570A, 0-100%
- California Analytical Instruments Model 100 CO analyzer (1000ppm) $2000.00

Ad Number: 309 Date Posted: 10/21/2004
Description: Two TECO 42H NOx Analyzers in good condition. $4000 each or $7500 for both. Only one set of pumps available.

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9) SET News! Online

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In a hurry? Use the hot-linked versions of SET News! online. Browse through the archives of every back issue or search the archives by keyword. It's easy to keep up with what's happening on by visiting SET News! online.

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10) Next Edition: RFP Service

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