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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 4 No. 8 - August 2004
"Stack Testing Resources Since August 2000"

1) Stack Testing Resources Since August 2000

Click Here ! Click Here ! is proud to be entering its fifth year as the Internet's largest reference site for source emissions testing, services and products. During our first four years, launched new interactive sections, such as the Classified Ads service, the "SET Wire!" bulletin board system and the RFP Service. The new Support Center with FAQs, Priority Service and Visitor Support was installed in early 2004. The hard work and dedication required to maintain and expand was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with the prestigious "Clean Air Excellence Award" in 2003.

Today, buyers and decision-makers from around the world rely upon 24/7 to find, research and purchase air pollution services and products. This "win-win" tool matches clients with service providers through free, unlimited access to our directories so everyone benefits from the resources provided by If your business is not currently listed on, we invite you to become a part of the largest repository of contacts for the source emission testing industry.

The future promises even more enhancements and tools to ensure that remains the best online utility for the stack testing industry. Among the additions scheduled for implementation by the end of the year are a complete site overhaul, improved navigation bars, Ads By Google and superior placements for companies that have purchased a listing. As always, if there is an enhancement that you’d like to suggest, please feel free to do so Click Here

As proceeds towards its five-year milestone, we offer our thanks once again to our customers for your invaluable input and continued support. We look forward to the challenge and endless opportunity for growth in providing air quality professionals with the information they need to conduct and create business. If your company is not already listed on, why not join your competition today! pledges to work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your continued support.

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2) From The TTN EMC Website

"Preliminary Test Method (PRE) 004 has been designated as Conditional Test Method (CTM) 040 CTM-040.PDF(Adobe). This method has been used a number of times to classify PM into PM 2.5 and PM 10 filterable catches. This method has been given the conditional method status to reflect the increased interest in the use of the method":

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3) "Highlights" On

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The "Highlights" link located at the top of every web page on provides a full web page of specialty sections, references and departments. Check it out!

* Stack Testing Photography
* Walter Smith Workshops
* New Product/Service Showcase
* EPA Award to
* Submit a FREE Press Release
* The Art Gallery
* STREM "Stack Test Reports via E-Mail"
* Air Pollution Control Systems
* Challenges & Safety
* Services & Products Directory
* Site Traffic Statistics
...& More

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4) Air Sample Analytical Labs

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Access to laboratories throughout the United States and Canada can be a real time saver when seeking competitive quotes for air sample analyses. provides quick links to analytical labs that perform analyses for dioxins/furans, multi-metals, HCl and much more.

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

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The Avogadro Group, LLC. (Oregon, California) "The Avogadro Group, LLC is a source testing and consulting firm that focuses on combustion and process-generated air pollution emissions, emission measurement, emission control devices, CEM systems, and regulatory affairs. Avogadro possesses technical expertise for a variety of stationary combustion and industrial process devices and specializes in the measurement of low-concentration emissions of air toxic contaminants and criteria pollutants. Avogadro has offices in Martinez, California and Medford, Oregon and services clients throughout the United States."
See Their Directory Listings:
1) Oregon Click Here
2) California Click Here
3) "A" Listings Click Here

Click Here ! Bison Engineering, Inc. (Montana) "Bison's approach to source testing differs from most testing companies. We believe in working closely with our clients to prepare for the emissions test. We continue that working relationship through the tests and on to submission and acceptance of final test reports. Bison offers the latest testing equipment and technology for source emissions and performance testing. For example, our Bison Engineering Source Testing (BEST) trailer contains a full suite of continuous analyzers for gaseous pollutants. Once testing is complete, Bison places a heavy emphasis on quality control checks of the data and the test report."
See Their Directory Listings:
1) Montana Click Here
2) "B" Listings Click Here
3) Air PErmit PEople Click Here

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6) Featured Stack Testing Equipment

Isokinetic Stack Sampling Trains & Apparatus

* Apex Instruments, Inc. - "Apex Instruments was established in 1988 as an American-owned company with worldwide impact. We are committed to offering quality equipment at economical and competitive prices.

Apex Instruments are designed by our own staff of experienced stack testers who know what you face in compliance testing today. We have developed and improved our equipment with valuable feedback and suggestions from our customers. We always encourage additional ideas for improvement. Our goal is to stay in close contact and work with our customers over the long term, providing the best support and equipment for your needs.

Apex Instruments' qualified staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We are always available to assist customers with special projects and equipment. We can design and fabricate any item you may need. We are innovators in engineering equipment that is versatile and easy to use.

Contact Apex Instruments today to see how we can be of service to you for your stack testing equipment needs with quality, innovation, and competitive prices."

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7) SET Wire! Hot Topics

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Air quality professionals worldwide communicate together on the SET Wire! bulletin board.
Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others:

Cold Boxes - July 23, 2004: "Any suggestions on sealing leaky cold boxes other than..."

Re: Sampling for Ammonia - July 15, 2004: "Our NOx and ammonia analyzer has a heated sample inlet that is heated to 190 *C (374 *F) and can accept a..."

Re: Great Balls of Fire - July 15, 2004: "We have tested hundreds of vapor combustors under XX and R using 2b, and actually a couple under Y using..."

Waste Reagent Disposal - July 13, 2004: "I have recently been cleaning out the dreaded chemical and solvent cabinets at our office. Has anyone ever heard of neutralizing the..."

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8) Job Openings

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POSITION OFFERED: Field Chemist, Env. Scientist
Ad Number: 263 Date Posted: 07/20/2004

Description: Growing, well established engineering/air emission testing company seeks energetic, motivated individuals for field emission testing positions. Learn and practice stack testing with an engineering perspective. Opportunities exist to advance into project management. B.S. degree required, Chemistry background preferred. 2+ years experience in stack and source emission field testing preferred, but will train. Salary level commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package. Relocation to the Houston area required. Send resume and salary requirements to: P.O. Box 890746, Houston, Texas 77289-0746.

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9) Support Center "Quick Tip"

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Q: How do I request updates to my listing on

A: Visit the Support Center Click Here
You can easily request updates to your listing securely online or by mail. And since your company has purchased a fee based listing on you are entitled to receive Priority Service. Keeping your company's information current is paramount to visitors who generate an average of 10,000+ sessions EVERY month!

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10) Next Edition: Classified Ads Service

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Site Statistics: Over 370,000 Visitor Sessions Have Generated More Than 6.4 Million Hits!
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11) Newsletter Archives
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