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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 4 No. 7 - July 2004

1) EPA's RACT/BACT/LAER Database

Click Here ! "The RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse (RBLC) database contains information distilled from early notification submittals and air permits received from State and local air pollution control programs in the United States. The RBLC Web site also contains summary information on air pollution emission standards. The data assists State/local agency personnel and private companies in determining what types of controls and pollution prevention measures have been applied to and/or are required for various sources and the effectiveness of these technologies."





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2) How To Get Stack Test Prices

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Use the RFP Service to request price quotes directly from qualified stack testing firms for any type of compliance or diagnostic stationary source emissions testing services. Used by facility owners, managers, operators and engineers in the U.S. and abroad, the FREE RFP Service is a private and secure tool to request price quotes for any type of stationary emission source testing and air pollution control system.

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3) Online Stack Testing Bulletin Board

Click Here ! Visit the SET Wire! bulletin board to browse the peer-to-peer messaging system for industrial source emissions testing. Post questions, comments or opinions related to industrial emissions regulations, control equipment, sampling methods, NELAC accreditation, or diagnostic/compliance testing issues. Regulatory folks, stack test consultants and facility managers can communicate together from one place with this FREE service.
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4) SET Wire! Hot Topics

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Stack testing professionals worldwide communicate together on the SET Wire! bulletin board. Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others:

  • NOx & CO Instruments "What are the best instruments out there now; rugged, reliable, accurate, easy to work on...? NOx, 0-10 to 0-5,000 ppm. CO GFC, 0-10 to 0-10,000 ppm." -6/23/04
  • Great Balls Of Fire "I’m trying to gather input from people that have sampled (or tried to sample) vapor combustors. These units are basically a torch in a..." -6/18/04
  • The Complete Equation For Guassian Air Dispersion Modeling "For those of you who may occasionally perform air pollution dispersion modeling..." -6/11/04

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

Click Here ! METCO Environmental (Texas, Louisiana)

  • Directory Profile: Click Here
  • National & International Mobility
  • Gaseous Monitoring: Online GC, NIOSH Methods, SCAQMD, CARB, ASME, and ASTM
  • On Site Sample Analysis/Titration: Pm, SO2, PM10, and HCl
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • RFP Service Participant
  • National Gold Website

"METCO Environmental has been in business since 1978, has over seventy full-time employees and is able to staff fifteen crews of three METCO professionals. METCO is also able to field forty-five to fifty field personnel on a single project. METCO is capable of performing all types of emission testing including Trial Burn Testing, Risk Assessment Tests, Destruction and Removal Efficiency Testing, Compliance Testing, On-Site Diagnostic Testing, CEM Certification and Audits and On-Line testing for NOx, N2O, CO, SO2, VOC and many other specific compounds."

SGF Consulting Services, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
"SGF provides Continuous Emissions Monitor Relative Accuracy Testing, State and Federal Compliance Testing, Opacity Monitoring, Ambient Air Sampling, and Regulatory Consulting. With offices in Hamburg and Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, SGF serves the fossil power, industrial boiler, metals smelting & refining, manufacturing, food processing, and asphalt processing industries.
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Advanced Air Testing, LLC. (California)
Geographic Directory: Click Here

A Thru Z Directory: Click Here

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6) Improved Search Tool

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Use the improved search tool by clicking on "Advanced Search" at the top right corner of every web page to find any company listed on the Directories. You can enter a company name or product to search the entire Directory of Stack Testing Firms or Services & Products. To search SET News! back issues, Classified Ads, SET Wire! messages or Photo Gallery, enter a keyword for instant links to the topics you need.

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7) Job Openings

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Ad Number: 240 Date Posted: 06/04/2004
Description: Multiple positions available for a project manager with 3 years management experience. Some travel, but not extensive. Manage source testing projects including wet chemistry, instrumental and fugitive emission tests. Must have excellent communication and management skills. Great opportunities in a few different southeast locations. $50 - $70k DOE.

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8) Used Equipment Wanted

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Ad Number: 244 Date Posted: 06/18/2004
Description: Looking for one (1) used CO analyzer and one (1) used SO2 analyzer for sale. Please respond with make, model no., and price.

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9) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 245 Date Posted: 06/22/2004
- TECO 10AR, NOx Analyzer
- TECO 42 NOx analyzer (multiple ranges 0.5ppm-100ppm)
- API/Teledyne Model 252 NOx (25, 50, 250ppm)
- TECO 48CO (Multiple 0.5ppm to 1000ppm
- TECO 40 SO2 (50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000ppm)
- Rosemount 400A THC, 7 range multipliers 1, 2.5, 10, 25, 100, 250, 1000)
- Teledyne Oxygen Analyzer RA326 (5, 10, 25%)
- Horiba PIR 2000 CO2 with digital readout (5, 10, 25%)
- Horiba PIR 2000 CO2 (0.05%, 0.15%, 0.25%)
- Servomex, portable O2 analyzer, 0-100%, linear all the way from 0-100%. can set any ranges.
- Siemen Ultramat 5E, N2O analyzer

Ad Number: 241 Date Posted: 06/09/2004
Description: Testing trailer with 2 M5 systems, M7E & M10 instruments. Everything self contained for testing. Currently using and ready to go, with tons of extra parts etc. Want to sell trailer and business. $40,000.

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10) Next Edition: Stack Testing Firm Directory

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