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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 4 No. 2 - February 2004
"EPA Source Testing Methods"

1) EPA Source Testing Methods

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Seeking the EPA's source testing methods in written form? provides direct links to the EPA Technology Transfer Network, Emission Measurement Center (TTN EMC); an invaluable online reference for downloading full text versions of EMC Conditional, SW-846, Promulgated, Proposed and Alternative EPA test methods.

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When you're working with EPA source emissions testing methods, a picture can be worth a thousand words.'s color schematics provide a visual perspective of EPA stack testing methods. Illustrated Methods 5 & 23 are interactive: descriptions of the sampling train components pop up as you move your cursor across the graphic.

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2) Reminder - 2004 SSSAP Conference

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March 7-12, 2004 Kiawah Island, South Carolina

"This conference provides a unique opportunity for discussions with emissions measurement professionals from industrial source owners, regulatory agencies, and consulting/engineering firms in a highly interactive setting. Prospective attendees include staff and management professionals from commercial source sampling and analysis companies, industrial operations subject to air pollution emissions standards, research and equipment development organizations, and local, state and federal government regulatory, permitting, and enforcement offices.

You can find conference details and registration information as they develop as well as membership information at the Source Evaluation Society website. SES membership is not necessary to attend the conference." Click Here
3) Press Release ECHO PHYSICS, INC.

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Submitted Friday, January 16, 2004 at 10:13:19 by ECO PHYSICS, INC.
Type of Business: NOx Analyzer Supplier
Web Address:

Topic: Ammonia Analyzer

"ECO PHYSICS, INC. is proud to release two ammonia analyzers for use in research and development of NOx reduction systems. Our CLD 844 CM h and CLD 822 CM h are available for the measurement of NH3 by differential conversion technique using a chemiluminescence analyzer.

Our analyzers offer two separate reaction chambers, two converter cartridges operating at different temperatures and two distinct photo multipliers to produce simultaneous measurement and determination of NOx, NOxAmines and Ammonia (NH3). The analyzers can also be used for simultaneous determination of NO, NO2 and NOx.

One analyzer case holds the complete two reaction chamber system, so the footprint is very small. The analyzer measures 19" x 6" x 23" including built in pump and no maintenance ozone scrubber."

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4) SET Wire! Hot Topics

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Stack testing professionals worldwide communicate together on the SET Wire! bulletin board. Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others:

Sulfuric Acid Mist - "I need an alternative to EPA Method 8 for sulfuric acid mist. The source I'm testing has..."

Workman's Comp Insurance - "I was wondering if any fellow stack testing company owners have good ideas on..."

Method 10 Updates - "Has anyone heard of any progress on..."

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firms

Click Here ! ARI Environmental, Inc. (Illinois, Texas) -Service Area: National/Int'l Mobility
"A leader in conducting emission testing in High Pressure (>40psi), High Temperature (>2500 Deg F), High Moisture (>95%) & High VOC (>10%) Gas Streams. Our highly experienced staff has conducted 1000's of emissions tests for a wide variety of industrial clients."
Directory Profile: Click Here

Click Here ! Western Environmental Services & Testing, Inc. (Wyoming, Texas)
-Service Area: National/Int'l Mobility
"WEST has provided incineration trial burns, destruction and removal efficiencies, toxic release inventories, diagnostic tests, RATAs (including hydrogen sulfide), as well as compliance tests in almost all of the 50 United States."
Directory Profile: Click Here

Click Here ! AST Environmental, Inc. (Ohio) -Service Area: National/Int'l Mobility
"AST performs control system evaluations for both facility owners and control equipment manufacturers. We have successfully conducted evaluations of parallel control systems for up to five equipment manufacturers simultaneously on a single exhaust gas stream."
Directory Profile: Click Here

Click Here ! Sanders Engineering & Analytical, Inc. (Alabama)
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Azure Initiative Environmental, Inc. (West Virginia)
Click Here

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6) Stack Testing Consultants

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Use the Stack Testing Firm Directory to find consultants throughout the United States and Canada. Search alphabetically by company name, browse firms by geographic location, or make your own printouts of Directory Profiles for offline use. If you need stack test prices use the RFP service on

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7) New Air PErmit PEople

Now listed on the Air PErmit PEople page, Professional Engineers that prepare/sign for air permit applications or revisions: Saeed Ahdout, P.E., C.E.P., Sierra Engineering Services, Registered P.E. in California.

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8) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 193 Date Posted: 01/07/2004
Description: (2) Apex PM Trains for Sale. Purchased in 98. Light use good condition. (1) 5' Probe, (2) 6' Probes, (2) 9' Probes. Miscellaneous spare parts.

Ad Number: 197 Date Posted: 01/23/2004
Description: Used Analyzers - Working Analyzers: (2) THC VIG Industries Model 20, (1) THC MSA 8800, (1) Dilution Unit TECO Model 900. Other Analyzers: (2) NOx TECO Model 10, (1) NOx API Model 200, (1) Dilution Unit TECO Model 900, (3) Gas Chromatographs Tracor Model 540, (1) Gas Chromatograph HP Model 5880A, (2) CO TECO Model 48 (missing some parts). GCs bought at an auction and have never been tested.

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9) Business Opportunity

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Ad Number: 199 Date Posted: 01/30/2004
Description: Business For Sale. Small profitable Emission Monitoring Business for sale. Servicing over 40 clients per year in Western Canada. Diversified in all industrial sectors. In operation for 5 years. Sale includes instrumental analyzers, manual test equipment...

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10) Next Edition: Resources On

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Numerous online resources for the stack testing industry. For a preview Click Here

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11) Newsletter Archives
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