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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 3 No. 7 - July 2003
"New Bulletin Board - SET Wire!"

1) New Bulletin Board - SET Wire!

Click Here ! announces the addition of an online community Bulletin Board, SET Wire! This peer-to-peer forum was created for all involved with industrial source emissions testing a.k.a. stack testing. Regulatory agencies, environmental consultants and facility managers/owners from the United States and abroad can now communicate together, from one location, at no cost.

Users can easily post new messages to the Bulletin Board or reply to others with a follow-up message. Add images, photos or diagrams within messages to define technical subject matter. Browse often to keep up with current topics or offer expertise to others:

  • Industrial Source Emissions Testing
  • EPA Regulations
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Stack Sampling Methods/Equipment/Tips
  • Air Permits Dispersion Modeling
  • Stack Tester Accreditation
  • Diagnostic/Compliance Testing Issues
  • Air Sample Lab Analysis
  • Salaries & Pay Rates
  • Smoke School Memoirs

Created in response to requests from visitors and organizations, we expect SET Wire! will greatly increase the opportunity for air quality professionals worldwide to communicate with each other, at no cost. Look forward to a broader level of awareness of current topics, events and issues of the source emissions testing industry on SET Wire!

Visit SET Wire! Click Here

2) "Pollution Engineering"/

Click Here ! Click Here !

An article published in the May 2003 edition of "Pollution Engineering" magazine credits the Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing as one of 21 U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Winners. Look on the Industry News/Awards section page 15. Thank you "Pollution Engineering"!

"The U.S. Postal Service, has been honored along with 20 local and state governments, industry and citizens groups for their efforts to make the air cleaner nationwide. The Clean Air Excellence Awards program, established in 2000 and sponsored by the EPA, recognizes outstanding innovations in the national challenge to achieve cleaner air. The U.S. Postal Service was honored for its clean air technology at various locations nationwide. Also sharing that honor are: Railway Equipment Corp.; Irving Oil; Genmar Holdings, Inc.; DaimlerChrysler; and DuPont.

Education/Outreach: Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Department; Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District; Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing; Illinois EPA; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Carolina Electric Vehicle Coalition, Inc.; Mid-Atlantic States Section of the Air and Waste Management Association; California Air Resources Board; and Washington State Department of Ecology."

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3) Stack Test RFP Service

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Private, secure, and proven,'s free Request For Proposals (RFP) Service has been used by facility managers/owners from the U.S. and abroad to obtain competitive bids for their next stack test. This unique, comprehensive tool is fully customizable; users can submit a stack test RFP that meets their specific air permit and testing requirements in minutes. The free RFP Service fulfills both compliance or diagnostic testing requests efficiently and quickly. Responding bids come directly from qualified stack testing firms.

Check Out the RFP Service Click Here

4) Highlights

Click "Highlights" on the navigation bar for: Stack Tester Directory, Services & Products Directory, Stack Testing Photography, Walter Smith "The Grandfather of Stack Testing", The Art Gallery, Air Pollution Control Systems, Challenges & Safety, STREM and more.

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5) Featured Stack Testing Firm

Click Here !   The Avogadro Group, LLC. - "A source testing and consulting firm that focuses on combustion and process-generated air pollution emissions, emission measurement, emission control devices, CEM systems, and regulatory affairs. Avogadro possesses technical expertise for a variety of stationary combustion and industrial process devices and specializes in the measurement of low-concentration emissions of air toxic contaminants and criteria pollutants."

To See This Firm's Listing Click Here

6) Featured Services & Products


  GK Associates, Inc. - Delivers the highest quality, most cost effective CEMS available for any application. With over 75 years of collective experience in CEMS, we also offer custom DAS solutions, excellent maintenance and support options plus professional consulting services.


  AXYS Analytical Services, Ltd. - Provides laboratory support and analysis for EPA Method 23 stack testing for Dioxin/Furan, Method 1668 PCB Congeners and PAH. We also offer analysis of Dioxins/Furans by Method 1613, T0-9A and 8290; Method 1668 PCBs and PAHs in ambient air.

  PACE Analytical Services, Inc. - Offers a broad range of laboratory support for stack testers including: EPA Method 23 & 0023A Dioxin/Furan, EPA Method 1668 PCB Congeners, EPA Method 29 Metals, and many other stationary source parameters.

To See These listings and More Click Here

7) Need A Listing?

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Three types of listings to suit any budget. Order a Directory Profile and get your own custom web page on - includes complimentary services and access to the Secure Area!

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8) Used Equipment Wanted

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Ad Number: 129 Date Posted: 07/01/2003
Description: Wanted Nutech Method 25 samplers, working or in need of repair. Also "U" traps and stainless steel sample canisters for method 25.

Ad Number: 132 Date Posted: 07/03/2003
Description: Would like to purchase an internal pump for a TECO 43H ambient SO2 analyzer.

For Contact Info or to Post an Ad Click Here

9) Used Equipment For Sale

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Ad Number: 130 Date Posted: 07/02/2003
Description: Thermo Environmental Model 10AR, TECO Model 43A/H, API Model 200AH NOx by Advance Pollution Instruments/Teledyne (multi-ranges to 100ppm), Horiba VIA 510, (500, 1000, 5000 & 10000ppm CO), Horiba CMA 321-A (5/10%CO2, 12%/60%O2) use N2&Air as Reference gases, Teledyne O2 Rackmount (5,10,25%), Soltec 4-pen Recorder, Siemen Ultramat 5E (100, 1000 ppmN2O), & more.

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10) Next Edition: Stack Testing Firm Directory

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You won't want to miss it! Tips, guides, links and more. Learn all about's spectacular reference Directory of stack testing firms. For a sneak preview Click Here

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