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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 2 No. 10 - November 2002
"Air Pollution is Global"

1) "Air Pollution is Global"

Excerpt from an article written by Andrew Bridges, Associated Press,
"Mauna Loa Data Show Pollution is Global":

LOS ANGELES, >> "Atop Mauna Loa, thrust 13,677 feet into the sky, one would expect nothing but the freshest air, save the occasional gaseous burp from the volcano. But environmental monitoring stations crowding the peak find arsenic, copper and zinc that was kicked into the atmosphere five to 10 days earlier from smelting in China, thousands of miles distant.

When industrial pollution first showed up at Mauna Loa a few years ago, scientists were startled. Now, after intense study, they know that the pollution that dirties the world's largest cities affects the whole Earth." <<

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Uploaded just this past summer, GLOBAL continues to grow. You'll find links to regulatory agencies outside the United States, source testing firms, and direct links to U.S. and Canadian firms that offer stack testing services abroad. Use the international "tool box" for web page translation, currency converters, world weather, Analytical Labs, Stack Testing Equipment, ATM locators, maps, shipping, and more.


3) Thanks for the Link!

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EnviroSafe Australia Pty Ltd (ESA)

"The complicated movement of air across the earth's surface is a crucial factor in the creation and dispersal of air pollution phenomena. With the advent of greater awareness of environmental issues, air quality has become a subject of increased importance. EnviroSafe Australia Pty Ltd. offers a wide range of emission sampling services to assist clients to monitor and minimize discharges to the environment and to comply with EPA license requirements."

See Envirosafe on GLOBAL:

4) Pollution Engineering's Message Board

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If you are looking for help with an environmental engineering problem or have insights you would like to share with other environmental industry professionals, visit Pollution Engineering's Bulletin Board. "An electronic meeting place where you can exchange information and ideas with your peers."


5) Useful Site -

An online community of manufacturers, representatives, engineers and operators of commercial and industrial steam boilers. Features:

*Boiler Company Profiles, On-Line Career Center, Forums/Databases

*Equipment Sales, Boiler Classifieds, On-Line Hot Water Boiler, Heater, and Furnace Pricing and Sales, New Boilers & Auxiliary Equipment Sales, Spare Parts Sales, Used Firetube Boilers, Used Watertube Boilers, Rental Boilers & Equipment, Boiler Subject Book Sales, Boiler Room Auction, and Wanted Boilers

*Online Software, Free Engineering Software, Great Unit Conversion Page, Steel Pipe Dimensions/Weights, Electrical/General/Piping Calculators, and a Steam Turbine Estimation Tool


6) Featured Stack Testing Firm

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AmTest-Air Quality, LLC. has performed virtually every EPA source test method at most source categories, large and small. Our teams of 1-15 highly qualified and experienced engineers, chemists and scientists deliver quality services unsurpassed by other testing firms. It is testament to the quality of our work that many of our clients have used us as their sole-source testing firm for up to 20 years.

For more information, visit:

7) Job Openings

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E. Roberts Alley & Associates, Inc.
Submitted: Wed Oct 23 18:47:29 2002

Wanted - Source Testing Manager to manage daily operations of source testing division; Coordinate and/or prepare bid requests, testing protocols, and reports; Conduct onsite field testing on complex projects - Must have BS degree, 7-10 years source testing experience, management experience, and excellent written and verbal communication skills - Please fax or email resume.

Mailing Address: 1931 Central Parkway, SW Suite B, Decatur, AL 35601
e-mail: Web Address:
Fax: (256) 351-0151

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8) Used Equipment Wanted

*** Wed Oct 30 01:29:20 2002
- Graseby GMW High volume-VFC Sampler all weather Shelter equipt with pumpmeter, Flow rate Recorder and timer,220v 60-70 cuft/min
- SKC ambient Air sampler model 224-PCXR8 with 220v AC & 2 DC complete battery packs. (complete accessories)
- Complete Method 5 Air Stack monitoring equipment.
Contact: Ronald A. Agabin, please email me for details.
Company: Advanced Technology Laboratories
Phone: 562-989-4045 Fax: 562-989-6348

*** Mon Oct 28 07:36:50 2002
-Parts for API Model100A SO2 Analyzers
-Parts for API Model200A NOX/NO2/NO Analyzers
-Parts for API Model300A CO Analyzers
-Parts for API Model400A O3 Analyzers
Anyone who can provide can contact us by email.
Contact: Jerry
Company: Jerry's work station
Phone: (0086)757-2712593

*** Wed Oct 16 12:03:25 2002
NOx; SO2; CO in ambient air gas analyzers.
It must be in working condition, warranty.
Contact: Marat Kozliner
Company: Z_Comm International

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