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SET News!
Vol. 1 No. 2 - March 2001
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1- Editor's Note
2- Stack Tester Quick Click
3- EPA Treasure
4- What's New!
5- Suggestions & Ideas
6- Web Spotlight
7- Site Statistics

1- Editor's Note
Hello Readers,

A big thanks to Ohio EPA and Maine DEP for adding links to on their websites! Be sure to visit them:

Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control

Maine DEP Division of Field Services

Since EPA Region 3 added a link to on their website we're seeing more and more regulatory agencies joining in. A link to provides a great service to the facility owners and managers in need of compliance or diagnostic stack testing services. Visitors can research and contact stack testing firms for competitive bids, peruse test methodologies, or even "Ask the Experts" for advice. continues to gain recognition as the Internet's exclusive reference source for the stack testing industry.

Perhaps this explains the current rush of visitors from the power industry that is receiving?

Have a great day.

To add a link to your website, >Click Here<
2- Stack Tester Quick Click:

Where to buy dry ice in the entire U.S.!! Just type in an area code for a list of dry ice suppliers in that area. The Web's leading source of information about dry ice. Solve stack testing delays due to frantic searches for dry ice.

3- EPA Treasure:
"EPA's AIRData"

Looking for a quick online reference for major point source emissions estimates, facilities, and contacts? AIRSData is a summary of air pollution data for the United States, taken from EPA's Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS). Search data for all states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

4- What's New!

* We've added online order forms for advertising on

* Coming Soon - Illustrated "Field Guides" for sample recovery.

5- Suggestions & Ideas
Tim Russell of Barr Engineering Company sent this suggestion:

"Stories or tidbits submitted by subscribers and other interested parties that characterize some of the unique challenges inherent to stack testing. I would ask participants to be reasonably respectful of their customers and competitors when making their submissions. A forum or articles that address stack sampling safety issues might also be useful to the stack testing community."'s Response: We are adding a new department to cover the challenges and safety issues stack testers face. Newsworthy articles will be published online with the author's name, company and a FREE link to their website. To submit your idea, >Click Here<


6- Web Spotlight
"Environmental Health Safety Freeware"

This site gives access to free downloadable software, interactive web sites, on-line databases and documents in HTML and PDF format on environmental health and safety. You'll find a list of freeware that provides tools to help you comply with the Clean Air Act.


7- Site Statistics Statistics for February, 2001

Total Hits: 42039

Search Engines Used: MSN, Google, and Dogpile

Most Popular Link to Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Visit A&WMA

Top 3 Visited States:
#1 Ohio
#2 California
#3 Illinois

Top 3 On-Site Keyword Searches:
#1 Air Dispersion Modeling
#2 FID
#3 Dioxins

If you would like to see your organization appear in a search result for these and other keywords, consider purchasing an custom web page. Spidered by our site's own built-in search engine, keyword search results point visitors directly to your custom web page for who to contact and details about your service or product. For more info >Click Here<

FYI: Fri, Mar 2, 2001 - 151 first time visitors in one day.

Interesting Visitors: Can anyone explain the current rush we're experiencing? Visitors from the power industry are coming to from all over the U.S. and Canada.

Visitor Countries: Philippines, Greece, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia

Website Award Winners:
Gold Award RecipientPace Analytical Services, Inc. -Gold
Gold Award RecipientTRC Environmental Corporation -Gold
Gold Award RecipientAir Tox Environmental Company, Inc. -Gold

To Apply for an Award, Click Here

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