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Vol. 1 No. 5 - July 2001

1) Editor's Note - "First Stack Test Report Submitted Electronically"
2) Just in Time! - Walter Smith's August Workshop
3) Stack Testing Firm of the Month - METCO Environmental
4) Thanks for the Link! - Adhesive & Sealant Council, Wisconsin Department of Commerce
5) A Great Idea - "AIR PErmit PEople"
6) What's New - Central U.S. Region, #1 Top Stack Testing Firms
7) Featured Service - Apex Instruments, Inc.
8) Free Banner Ad
9) Submit a Newsletter Article
10) Site Statistics
11) Last Month's Issue

1) Editor's Note - "First Stack Test Report Submitted Electronically"

Hello Readers,

Stack testing history was made in Florida last month - the first electronic compliance report was submitted by Air Consulting & Engineering, Inc (ACEI). Beginning May 1, 2001 the Central Florida District Office began a pilot project for electronic submission of stack test reports from power plants. Mr. Steve Neck of ACEI performed the compliance testing on (2) combustion turbines. Three one-hour test runs were conducted on each unit for Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) using U.S. EPA Reference Methods 3A, 7E, 10, and 25A.

A paper report was initially snail-mailed to meet the power plant's permit filing deadline. Mr. Neck then contacted to compile the electronic report from (1) Word document for the text and sampling schematics,(2) Excel files for the test data/calculations and (15) hardcopy documents (calibration gas certifications, fuel analysis, production certification, report certification, and VE's with certifications). All files and scanned documents were converted to PDF format, compressed, and submitted electronically to the Florida District Office attached to e-mail. To streamline the process, is currently developing an electronic compliance report template.

Could this also be the first electronic submission of a compliance report in the entire U.S.? Let me know.

Have a great day.

2) Just in Time! - Walter Smith's August Workshop

Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA reference methods 1-8, will conduct the next Source Sampling & CEMS Workshop in Raleigh, NC. The object of this 5-day seminar is for the student to understand the basics of the principle and practice of source sampling as well as to familiarize the student with the operation of stack sampling and CEMS equipment. It is targeted at those who need a basic understanding of stack sampling such as environmental executives & engineers and those purchasing, observing, planning, or doing stack sampling or responsible for CEMS.

There is a large amount of interest in the workshop but it is not too late to register. For answers to specific questions about the course material call Walter Smith at (919) 772-7843, e-mail: ,

For Workshop Dates & Additional Information > Click Here

3) Stack Testing Firm of the Month - METCO Environmental, View Profile

This firm is enormous, and talented. METCO Environmental has been in business since 1978, has over 70 full-time employees and is able to staff 15 crews of three stack testers. METCO can also field 45-50 field personnel on a single project - without using contract labor! All personnel are college graduates and are fully trained in-house to the exacting standards required to conduct testing in accordance with EPA Reference methodology. All equipment is owned and maintained by METCO and is calibrated in-house according to EPA requirements.

Contact: Byron Gies, METCO Environmental P.O. Box 598 Addison, Texas 75001 Toll Free:(800) 394-1194 Fax:(972) 931-8398 Website:
4) Thanks for the Link! continues to enjoy recognition as the Internet's largest reference site for source emissions testing services and products. More organizations and regulatory agencies are adding links to on their websites:

Adhesive & Sealant Council
Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce

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5) A Great Idea - "AIR PErmit PEople"

Mr. Bruno Ferarro, sent this suggestion:

"How about a listing of registered PE's in every state that can sign air permit applications for out-of-state PE's? I encounter this regularly when I have to hunt down a PE in another state that can sign for our projects. The list could pre-qualify those PE's that actually work on air permits and not civil engineers that build bridges." has added a new section "AIR PErmit PEople". It will list three PE's for each state on a first come basis (only one PE per company). U.S. and Canadian P.E.'s that work on air permits can get a free listing by visiting:

Do you have an idea? Click Here

6) What's New - Central U.S. Region and's #1 Top Stack Testing Firms

Central U.S. Region: This section has been enhanced for easier navigation and reference. All regions will undergo these updates before the end of the year. For a preview Click Here

A New Section:'s #1 Top Stack Testing Firms. Published just last month, this new section is receiving more visitor traffic than any other! For a preview Click Here needs your Directory Profile for your firm to be listed on this popular section. To submit your profile today Click Here


7) Featured Service

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10) Site Statistics - June 2001

Total Hits: 52472!

Most Requested:
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Tool - Request for Proposals
Profile - TRC Environmental Corp
Product - Calibration Gases
Stack Testers - Central U.S. Region Directory

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