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Premier Issue Vol. 1 No. 1 - February 2001
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1- Editor's Note
2- Featured Service or Product
3- Federal, State & Local Agency Tip
4- What's New!
5- Web Spotlight
6- The Most List

1- Editor's Note

Hello Readers,

So many of you have requested a newsletter from!
Our new monthly issue will cover featured services and products
related to stack testing, tips for federal, state and local agencies,
what's new on and the Internet, and more.

I want to thank everyone who provided us with their suggestions.
Send your ideas to

Have a great day.


2- Featured Service or Product: ""

I would like to point out a great service that could
be of invaluable assistance to many of you. can help
you maintain valuable customers and prospects through hiring temporary
stack testers for your projects or even a smoke reader for a day.
Or you can "sub out" your own personnel during slow periods. Please
check them out and let me know how it works for you... l


3- Federal, State & Local Agency Tip: "Ask the Experts"
Expert Witness: Walter Smith
Walter is an expert at reviewing data, consulting to legal counsel,
odor evaluation, expert witnessing, quality assurance assistance of
stack sampling programs, and supervising complex stack sampling projects.

Mr. Smith can review stack-testing reports to determine their validity
or their survivability in court. He can also provide expert testimony
pertaining to air pollution stack testing, stack gas control technology,
and air pollution control strategy. Phone/Fax: (919) 772-7843
e-Mail: l Visit Walt's Website


4- What's New!

*Thank you EPA Region 3
EPA Region 3 placed a link to us on their web site ! See Our New Link

*Welcome Alaska!
An enormous thanks to Bill MacClarence, Alaska, for taking the time to bring to our attention the newest addition to our directory:
Alaska Source Testing, LLC.

*Directory Profiles
Testing firms and related services and products can now purchase a
custom web page on Why is this important? When visitors
enter a search term, e.g. "dioxins" into our built-in search engine,
all pages with that term appear. Prospects will find you quickly and easily!

*Air Permits
Need more clients? Find links to air permits issued, proposed or
currently under review in the U.S. You can search by state or EPA
Region. Most include plant addresses and contact names.


5- Web Spotlight
The premier online directory of the electric power industry, covering industry participants in all areas of the power business, including power transmission & distribution, power markets, and power generation. A great place to find

6- The Most List Statistics for January, 2001

Used Search Engine: Google
Popular Link: -See our link on their homepage!

Viewed Directory Profiles:
#1 Air Consulting & Engineering
#2 IT Corporation
#3 Custom Stack Analysis

Requested Services & Products:
#1 Affiliations
#2 Pollution Control Equipment
#3 Analyzers

Unique Countries Visited: Hong Kong, South Africa, Argentina

Recent Website Award Winners:
Custom Stack Analysis - Silver
Gold Award RecipientDixon Environmental - Gold
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