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Vol. 1 No. 10 - December 2001
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1) Editor's Note - "December's Cool Freebies"
2) EPA's Response to September 11
3) Air Sample Analytical Labs
4) December is Free Logo Month
5) A thru Z Stack Testing Firm Directory
6) New Department - Nine Free Services
7) Featured Stack Testing Firm - AmTest-Air Quality, LLC
8) Welcome! - AirTox Environmental Company, Inc.
9) Free - Submit a Press Release/New Product Showcase
10) Business Opportunity
11) Site Statistics
12) Last Month's Issue

1) Editor's Note - "December's Cool Freebies"

Hello Readers,

December offers our visitors many cool freebies. A new department was added to just this month - "Nine Free Services". Post a press release about your company's new product or service, download a free demo illustration and more. You're invited to try these cool freebies as much as you'd like year round.

This is free logo month too. is placing free linked logos for companies that order a premium listing or profile before the end of December. It's cool to discover new air quality services and products by clicking on the linked logos in the margins of the site.

December's cool freebies are the result of suggestions submitted by professionals in the air quality industry. You'll want to visit often to watch the site grow with these new interactive features.

Have a great December.

2) EPA's Response to September 11

After terrorists struck on September 11th, EPA specialists were on the scene within hours. The monitoring of air pollution levels for potential health risks continues at the World Trade Center site and the Pentagon.

For results of day-to-day air quality sampling, as well as information on the ongoing cleanup efforts, go to EPA’s Web site at:

For EPA press releases related to the World Trade Center attack visit:

3) Air Sample Analytical Labs

Find links to air toxics analytical labs that support a wide range of methods required by EPA and other regulatory agencies (dioxins, metals, etc). A must for acquiring bids and turn around times for air sample analysis. FYI: this page has experienced heavy traffic since September 11th.

To Visit This Page Click Here

4) December is Free Logo Month

In light of this milestone, is placing free linked logos in the site's margins for all stack testing firms, air quality service providers and equipment manufacturers that order a premium listing or profile before the end of December. Take advantage of this special offer available this month only.

To Order Now Click Here

5) A thru Z Stack Testing Firm Directory

Find, research and contact stack testing firms alphabetically by company name. Includes their geographic testing areas when provided. Or zoom in on the state-by-state directory to find firms by geographic location. Now it's even easier to select a firm for your next stack test. Or submit an RFP with our free online form and start getting bids right away.

To See the A thru Z Directory Click Here

To Submit a Free RFP Click Here

6) New Department - Free Services has added new interactive services for air quality professionals. Post messages, announcements and more from our Free Services page. You'll want to visit this page frequently as it will be updated regularly with fresh postings. See all Nine Free Services from the link on our home page or by visiting the address below.

To Try One Now Click Here

7) Featured Stack Testing Firm

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Now listed on the #1 Top Stack Testing Firms - AmTest-Air Quality, LLC

AmTest-Air Quality, LLC is an independent company providing comprehensive air pollution testing services to industrial clients since 1982. It is testament to the quality of our work that many of our clients have used us as their sole-source testing firm for up to 20 years. Our teams of 1-15 highly qualified and experienced engineers, chemists and scientists deliver quality services unsurpassed by other testing firms. AmTest-Air Quality, LLC has performed virtually every EPA source test method at most source categories, large and small.

P.O. Box 525, Preston, Washington 98050
e-Mail: jimg@amtestairquality
Phone: (425) 222-7746 Fax: (425) 222-7849

For a free, printer friendly fact sheet about AmTest-Air Quality, LLC. Click Here

8) Welcome! - AirTox Environmental Company, Inc.

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In addition to stack testing services, AirTox Environmental Company, Inc. specializes in the following Continuous Emission Monitoring services:- CEM Design, Assembly, and Installation
- CEM Certification and Quality Assurance Programs
- CEM Maintenance and Repair
- CEM System Quarterly Audits

You'll find AirTox in the Stack Testing Firm Directory AND the Continuous Emissions Monitoring page

Want to see your company's listing on multiple categories too?
Send requests to:

9) Free - Submit a Press Release/New Product Showcase

See the latest in new technologies for air quality sampling and monitoring. A great way to announce your company's new equipment, services and products to air quality professionals worldwide. Best of all - IT'S FREE !

To Submit a FREE Press Release Click Here

10) Business Opportunity

A Southern California, (Los Angeles) professional environmental consulting company dedicated to Air quality environmental measurements is for sale by owners. The company is equipped with state of the art instrumentation.

Contact: Ken Salem
Phone: (714) 822-5773 email:

To Post Your Business Opportunity on Click Here

11) Site Statistics

For a look at last month's traffic on Click Here

12) Last Month's Issue

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