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 Golden Specialty, Inc.
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 GENERAL INFORMATION:   Deer Park, TX Laboratory Capabilities

Main Office Location:
931 Seaco Court, Deer Park, TX 77536

Mailing Address:
(Same as above)

Toll Free:
(888) 908-8235

(281) 476-9898

Fax: (281) 476-9876

Web Address:

Contact (Gulf Coast): John Starr
Phone: (832) 205-5898

Contact: Lee Marchman
Phone: (919) 929-1249

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  • Micro GC/TCD
    RGA/Inert Gases
    EPA Method 18 High Level HRVOC
    BTEX High Level
    ASTM D-1946
    ASTM D-2427, D-2505, D-2712, UOP 539

    Sulfur Analysis
    Method 15
    ASTM 6228
    ASTM 5504

  • Inorganics
    Ion Chromatography - organic & inorganic acids
    EPA Methods 5, 17, & 202
    EPA Methods 26 & 26A

    EPA Method 300.0

    CTM-027 for Ammonia
    TCEQ Method 3 - NH3 Ammonia

    OTM-28 Dry Impinger Method
    PM 10 - Particulates
    Titrations - Sulfur Oxides
    TCEQ Methods 23 and 24
    EPA Method 11
    EPA TO-14 Low Level HRVOC
    EPA Method 18 Low Level HRVOC

    EPA Method 3C
    NIOSH 1500, 1501, 1550 and 2000
    VOC Analyses - speciated

    High/Low Level HRVOC
    Chlorinated Compounds
    EPA Method 1012
    EPA TO-14A, TO-4A and TO-3

    EPA TO-14A (No Chlorinated)
    EPA TO-14 High/Low Level HRVOC
    EPA Method 18 High/Low Level HRVOC
    BTEX (High/Low)
    EPA Method 308

  • GC/MS
    EPA TO-14A
    EPA TO-15 & TICs
    EPA TO-17, TO-13A
    EPA TO-1, TO-2
Mobile Laboratory Capabilities
  • GC Mobile FPD/TCD/FID
    Sulfur, Fixed Gases, Organics
  • FTIR (open-path & source)
    Organics, Inorganics

Golden Specialty, Inc. is located in the heart of the Texas Gulf Coast. Our convenient location enables us to provide a quick response to your needs. We are available to assist you in selecting the proper equipment for your project. We offer top of the line equipment and maintain a fleet of state of the art portable testing facilities.


Golden Specialty, Inc. has a highly trained staff ready to assist with any service, repair, or installation projects you may have.
GSI is well acquainted with the needs and demands associated with environmental testing and monitoring. Our knowledge and experience makes us a leader in the selection and operation of gas analyzers and other emission source testing equipment.


Golden Specialty, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in Low NOx (under 10 ppm) analyses. We are additionally recognized for expertise in performing FTIR spectroscopy for speciated source analyses. These projects include sources with high pressure, moisture, temperature and CO2 content. FTIR clients hire us because they want it done correctly the first time.

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Main Office Location: 931 Seaco Court, Deer Park, TX 77536
Toll Free: (888) 908-8235  Phone: (281) 476-9898     Fax: (281) 476-9876

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