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Complete line of gas analyzers to meet any
CEMS and/or source testing application!
  • California Analytical Instruments, Inc. (CAI) manufactures certification analyzers for measuring NOx, CO, SO2, THC, CH4, CO2, NO2, and O2. CAI has a wide range of analyzers to measure from single digit ppm to percent levels to insure an analyzer fit for any application or budget.

  • CAI's NOxBox is a fast-response, self-contained, close-coupled system measuring low NOx/NH3 and O2 for SCR control and monitoring. The NOxBox eliminates expensive sample conditioning, long heated lines, shelters, and long system response times.

  • CAI's photoacoustic analyzer is capable of measuring over 500 non-criteria pollutants including NH3, HCl, aldehydes, benzene, etc. Our NH3 Slip system uses a direct, extractive measurement for determining NH3 slip without the use of NH3 converters.

Founded in 1983, California Analytical Instruments, Inc. (CAI) has a long history of producing premium
grade gas analyzers. CAI has provided over 5,000 analyzers to the stationary source industry alone.
CAI has always maintained a dominant market share for CO2 measurement in the power industry.


CAI offers excellent customer service before, during and after the purchase of our equipment. In depth
application feasibility studies enable CAI to select the right analyzer for the job the first time. CAI maintains
an extensive inventory to insure quick delivery of analyzers and spare parts. Standard analyzers are often
times in stock and ready to ship with most custom analyzer delivery between 4-6 weeks.
CAI also
offers a complete line of analyzers that can be diagnosed and calibrated via remote TCP/IP communication.


California Analytical Instruments provides a full complement of analyzers capable of measuring over
1,000 regulated and non-regulated compounds from ppb to % levels
. CAI offers a complete line of
both analog and digital analyzers for CEMS and source test applications to meet any customer's testing
and price need.

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California Analytical Instruments, Inc.
1312 W. Grove Avenue, Orange, CA  92865   Phone: (714) 974-5560   Fax: (714) 921-2531
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