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Maxxam-PSC Analytical Services
"Maxxam Analytics Merges with PSC Analytical Services"
October 5th, 2004, Mississauga, Canada

Article/News Release: Merger Creates One of the Largest Analytical Testing Laboratories in North America
Contact: Sandra Prospero, (905) 451-4111 or (416) 893-0232

Maxxam Analytics International Corporation (Maxxam), one of the largest privately owned Analytical Laboratory Companies in North America, today announced that it has completed a merger transaction with PSC Analytical Services (PSC). The merged organization, operating under the Maxxam name, will have revenues in excess of $125 million (CDN) and will provide extensive coverage across Canada while offering a full range of high quality laboratory testing and analytical services to customers. The new organization will be led by Maxxam’s Chief Executive Officer Patricia Nielsen. “This merger is part of a plan to revolutionize the analytical testing industry through consolidation, investment and superior corporate management.” said Patricia Nielsen, CEO of Maxxam Analytics. “As a result of this strategic move, customers will deal with an extremely efficient and cost effective organization, that is able to offer high volume throughput, and top quality laboratory results.”

CB&In Heier, the current CEO of PSC commented: “I am very excited about the merger between Maxxam Analytics and PSC. I am looking forward to the future and working with the newly merged organization. Our customers will benefit from the consolidation of significant best practices and the benefits of extensive resources, additional scientific and information technology investment and a wider breadth of services.” This merger also comes at a perfect time for Maxxam as it complements their recent move to a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Mississauga. The new laboratory known as “Superlab” exudes efficiency and quality with its innovative layout, refined six sigma processes and the latest information technology applications and laboratory equipment. Superlab is the largest analytical testing laboratory in Canada in terms of size and sample flow volume.

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