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"Clean Air Issues to be Focus of Panel Discussion"
May 13, 2004, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Article/News Release: Bridges Unlimited LLC
Contact: Carol E. Lyons, 303-388-5211

Carol E. Lyons, President of Bridges Unlimited LLC, will moderate the Clean Air Issues Panel at the 17th Annual Northwest Colorado Coal Conference, May 13, 2004, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The panel will include discussion of current technical and regulatory air quality issues of interest to the coal, railroad, and electric power industries in Colorado.

In addition, Ms. Lyons will present an overview of tropospheric ozone air pollution in the Denver metropolitan area. Ms. Lyons will be joined on the Clean Air Issues Panel by James W. Sanderson and Paul Seby of Friedlob, Sanderson, Paulson & Tourtillott, LLC and Greg Schaefer of Arch Coal, Inc.

The annual Northwest Colorado Coal Conference, sponsored by the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado provides an educational forum and interchange of ideas among representatives of the coal industry; state, federal, and local government officials; utilities, and railroads. Ms. Lyons is well known in northwest Colorado as the project manager of the 1987-88 landmark Metro Denver Brown Cloud Study on urban air pollution, designed to achieve scientific answers for visibility problems in Denver. She was responsible for the success of this $1.5 million, 14-month private sector/public-sponsored study, which included a full-scale comparison of the air quality impact of coal vs. natural gas fuel for Denver area electric power generation.

Established in 1986, Bridges Unlimited LLC provides integrated environmental engineering services, specializing in air pollution prevention, reduction, control, and compliance. The firm is dedicated to achieving clean air through practical, cost-effective engineering tailored to customers' needs. Bridges Unlimited cleans up pollution problems and simplifies regulatory compliance for industry, the community, and the government. Bridges Unlimited provides comprehensive environmental compliance, including technical analysis, measurements, reporting, permit applications, training, and record keeping.

For more information about the Clean Air Issues Panel, please contact Carol Lyons at 303-388-5211. For information about the Northwest Colorado Coal Conference, call the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado at 970-625-1723.

Click Here ! Bridges Unlimited LLC

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