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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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"NEW Bulletin Board Messaging System - SET Wire!"
July 10, 2003, Gainesville, Florida

Click Here ! announces the addition of an online community Bulletin Board, SET Wire! This peer-to-peer forum was created for all involved with industrial source emissions testing a.k.a. stack testing. Regulatory agencies, environmental consultants and facility managers/owners from the United States and abroad can now communicate together, from one location, at no cost.

Users can easily post new messages to the Bulletin Board or reply to others with a follow-up message. Add images, photos or diagrams within messages to define technical subject matter. Browse often to keep up with current topics or offer expertise to others:

  • Industrial Source Emissions Testing
  • EPA Regulations
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Stack Sampling Methods/Equipment/Tips
  • Air Permits Dispersion Modeling
  • Stack Tester Accreditation
  • Diagnostic/Compliance Testing Issues
  • Air Sample Lab Analysis
  • Salaries & Pay Rates
  • Smoke School Memoirs

Created in response to requests from visitors and organizations, we expect SET Wire! will greatly increase the opportunity for air quality professionals worldwide to communicate with each other, at no cost. Look forward to a broader level of awareness of current topics, events and issues of the source emissions testing industry on SET Wire!

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SET Wire! Online Bulletin Board Messaging System - Press Release, July, 2003. is the largest stack testing reference source on the Internet and the most visited - with thousands of U.S. and international
visitors. The Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing supports a state-by-state listing of air quality testing firms
located in the US & Canada. Industrial facility owners & managers can submit a FREE RFP and research or "shop" for stack testing
firms prior to requesting bids. Regulatory agencies & consulting engineers recommend this site & maintain contact lists. Stack
testing firms in need of equipment and services, searching for new clients or looking at the competition visit frequently.