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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Stack Testing Firm "Directory Profile" Features

Here's What You Get:

 Directory Profile
Directory Profile Example:

What is it?
- Your company's own custom web page. Easily present everything a potential client may need to research or contact your firm for their next stack test!

detailed information about your stack testing services, expertise and specialties. Your company's logo, contact information, phone, fax, e-Mail and direct link to your website are also included.

Printer Friendly Format - Your potential clients can easily make printouts of your profile for offline reference.

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Your new Directory Profile will be linked from all of your company's listings placed throughout the Directories.

 Premium Listings
Premium Listing Example:
  • Geographic Directory - One Premium Listing for each of your firm's offices located in the United States, Canada or abroad.

  • A Thru Z Directory - One linked listing placed alphabetically in the A-Z Directory of stack testing firms.

  • Stack Testing Firm Profiles - Includes your logo, linked listing, and description of your stack testing firm on one of the most popular sections of the entire website!
METCO Environmental
P.O. Box 598 Addison, TX 75001
Phone: 972/931-7127 or 800/394-1194
Fax: 972/931-8398

 Complimentary Services

Purchase A Directory Profile For Access To The

Start Using These Complimentary Services Right Away!

Purchase a Directory Profile and your company can place free classified ads 24/7/365. Post job openings ads or sell used stack testing equipment online at no cost. The Classifieds produce outstanding results - an invaluable service your company will want to use often.
(One Log-In - Username/Password - per company). To see the Classified Ads section Click Here

Respond to RFPs for stack testing services. RFPs for stack testing services submitted through may be accessed only by stack testing firms that have purchased a Directory Profile.
To see an example RFP Click Here

Note: cannot disclose information regarding the number of RFPs received, geographic location or other details. The frequency of new RFPs is not guaranteed so please do not base your decision to purchase a Directory Profile solely on this feature.

Illustrated U.S. EPA Test Methods - Enhance your company's stack test reports and proposals with's professionally illustrated U.S. EPA methodologies. Download the images in minutes.

Online Update Service - Update your company's listings or Directory Profile with the free update service in the Secure Area. No need to mail your updates to us - simply submit your updates to us in minutes online.

"Ask the Experts" Listing - List one member of your staff on one category on the "Ask the Experts" page. We'll place your hot-linked logo, brief description of expertise and e-mail link on this highly visible section for FREE!

 Standard Features


  • Stack Testing Firm Directory Profile Page - See your company listed on the stack testing firm Directory Profiles page Click Here

  • FREE Logo Preparation - will scan your logo for you directly from your website, at no charge.
    Or mail a scannable color copy of your logo and we'll do the rest at no charge (artwork can not be returned).
  • Internet Search Engine Indexing - places special meta tags in your Directory Profile that are "spidered" or indexed by the major search engines. Visitors using keyword searches will find your Directory Profile through the major search engines AND's own built-in search engine.

 More Benefits

  • It Pays For Itself  Acquire just one new client and your Directory Profile has paid for itself - a new client may use your services for years to come for diagnostic/compliance stack testing on just a single source, multiple sources, or even several facilities. To see a listing of industries that use Click Here

  • A Little Over $1.00 Per Day! By purchasing a Directory Profile, your company pays just $1.37 per day ($500 USD/yr) for 24/7/365 worldwide advertising fed directly to your target market - manufacturers and environmental professionals purposely looking for stack testing services.

  •'s High Visitor Traffic  The enormous amount of visitor traffic to gives your firm the perfect opportunity to earn new clients. Your company will be seen by 1000's of air quality professionals who regularly visit To see a graphical view of our visitor traffic Click Here

  • Beat The Competition!  Your custom Directory Profile works full time to provide easy access for prospects to research and contact your firm for their next stack test. Meanwhile, your competitors that have no Directory Profile have missed the opportunity.

  • Already Listed But Want To Upgrade? Place an order for a Directory Profile at any time and an extended annual renewal date will be prorated to your current account. To upgrade now Click Here

Directory Profiles are Available for $500/Year

* reserves the right to upgrade or disable complimentary services: Services Agreement

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